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So I did my weekly weigh in this morning.  As it’s the first Monday of the month I’ll do my monthly update as well, which will include progress pics. So first the numbers.  I came in at 309.4 lbs and a body fat percentage of 43.6%.  That’s down 5.2 lbs and 1.0% body fat from last week.  For the month I lost 7 lbs and 1.5% body fat.  The reason for the small difference between the monthly and weekly numbers is last week I posted my first increase in weight.  That was due largely to the day off from Keto I took as an experiment.  Right after that day I wasn’t sure I’d ever do it again but seeing how well I bounced back this week I’m reconsidering.  Doing it just once doesn’t give me a lot of data to use in deciding the effectiveness of it.  On the other hand I didn’t find the day off as enjoyable as I’d assumed I would so I’m not sure it’s worth knocking myself out of ketosis, even if just for the day.  The next one was going to be April 18th so I have until then to decide.

And now for the pics.  The first one (me in the Flash t-shirt) was taken on January 8th.  So it was after my first full week on Keto.  The reason for that is I hadn’t considered doing progress pics at first until someone mentioned it would be a good idea.  So by the time I had taken this photo I’d already lost my first 10 lbs.  As you can see I didn’t think to take a side shot with the first one.  The picture of me in the red t-shirt was my first update pic I posted to Instagram on March 5th.  On that day I weighed in at 316.4 lbs with a body fat percentage of 45.1%.  And finally the pic of me in the dark grey top was today’s pics.  As of today I’ve lost 43.2 lbs and 8.4% body fat since the first of the year.  Pretty happy with those numbers.

So the final thing I’ll post is a question real quick.  My plan for the monthly update was posting the “starting” pic, last month’s pics, and the current month’s pics. I thought reposting all the pics would be a bit redundant.  So what do you guys think?  All the pics every month or just the starting pic and the last month comparison?  Thanks in advance for any likes and I’ll catch you next time I post.


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  1. Keep it up, great work

    • Sorry for the delay. Still new to WordPress in that I’ve only started using it a lot recently even though I created the account years ago. Didn’t realize I had to approve the comments. I appreciate your words of encouragement and definitely intend to keep it up until the goal is reached.

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