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Did my weekly weigh-in this morning.  I’m down another 1.8 lbs this week, taking me to 45 lbs lost overall. I’m not dropping weight as fast as I did in the first month but slow and steady progress is still progress.  Plus, I ran the numbers and noticed something interesting.  When I started I was 52% body fat and now I’m 43.4% body fat.  Based on my weight then and now that would mean I would have had a lean mass weight of 169.2 lbs then and now it’s 174.1 lbs lean mass.  So that’s nearly a gain of 5 lbs of something other then fat.  Some of it could be water but I’d like to think that some of it is muscle mass.  And with every pound of muscle mass gained I naturally burn more fat during the day with no extra effort.  So again I’m happy with the progress.

And now for some accountability.  I do need to work on the amount of exercise I get each week. I said I was going to start doing that before but I did drop the ball on that.

As for the why I dropped the ball, well I got sick this past week.  Two days this past week I spent most of the day in bed due to a bad cold I caught at work.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is it killed my appetite.  Why is that good news?  Well it was nice to see that even under the weather the Keto adaptation helped me be better about not eating.  Before if I got a cold I might not be hungry for most of the day and then it’d catch up with me and result in me raiding the fridge or ordering some very unhealthy food.  This time the not eating didn’t bother me.  My body still had plenty of fuel from the on board storage to make ends meet so when I did decide to try eating later in both days I didn’t make bad choices.  I just never got so hungry I felt like eating whatever I could shove in my face.  So that was really good.

The blog has been mostly about Keto and I might add more posts during the week about progress in other areas of my life.  Like I’m considering a shopping ban and may report on that.  I also have gotten much more serious about meditating since the beginning of the year and being mindful and other things to improve my inside me along with my outer appearance and the health of my body.  Might blog about that.  Thank you to the ones who’ve stopped by before to read my posts and thank you to any new comers.  Feel free to leave a comment if you so choose.  Have a great week.


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