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This will be a quick post.  Working on setting up different ways to share my progress, which is taking up a bit of my time.  But I did say I would do a weekly check in on my weight loss so I want to be good to my word.  As of this morning I weigh 306.6 lbs. which is down 1 lb on the nose from last week.  Why body fat percentage went from 43.4% to 43.1%.  Doing a little math with last weeks numbers that means I actually lost 1.4 lbs of body fat this week so I gained either .4 lbs of muscle or water.  Obviously I’m hoping for muscle.  I’m probably going to do another post between now and the next weigh-in on the 23rd.  Some things I wanted to cover were products I used when I first started to deal with the keto flu and I also want to start sharing other things I’ve learned on my journey that I think would be helpful to anyone considering going keto.  So I will see you guys soon.  Hope you have a wonderful week.


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