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Hello again, time for the weekly accountability post.  And I’m happy to be held accountable for this.  Last week I actually gained weight due to my monthly day off from Keto.  This week I not only lost the 3.2 lbs I had gained last week I actually dropped another 1.8 lbs on top of that.  This puts me at 304.8 lbs for this weigh in with a body fat percentage of 42.8%.  So I’m very near two goals I’ve been looking forward to.  The first being to go below 300 lbs weight.  It’s been such a long time since I was under 300 I can’t actually recall the last time I was.  I know for sure it has to be at least a decade and a half ago.  And more likely two decades plus.  So looking forward to that in the next few weeks.  Maybe even next week if I manage to drop another 5 lbs like I did this week.  The second goal I’m looking forward to is being under 40% body fat.  I don’t know when I was that because unlike weight I only started tracking my body fat percentage when I started my Keto journey.  But I’d wager it’s been well over two decades on that, maybe three.  I did the math on how much body fat I had last week and this week and all 5 lbs I lost came from body fat.  I’d have liked it if I had gained some muscle mass but on the whole I’m calling this week a big win.

Next week is the monthly update where I’ll include pictures.  Another reason to hope this week’s success is next week’s success as well.  But no matter what I’ll be happy because the biggest things I’ve learned so far on my self improvement mission is there’s no point in improving if you aren’t happy when you do.  And that’s my parting thought for this post.  Don’t look at your long term goal and imagine how great life will be then.  Don’t wait for happiness to arrive when you reach your destination.  Be happy now.  And if you aren’t, spend some time meditating on why you aren’t and along with your body, change your mind.  There just isn’t a good reason why you can’t be happy now.  See you next week.


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