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Like the last book I reviewed, I got through this book in short order.  Not only because it’s well written, making it an easy rid, it’s also great information.  The audience for the book  are people who are having trouble getting started or staying on track when trying to make changes in their lives.  Which I’m guessing is a lot of people, myself included.

I won’t spoil any of the book telling you how The 5 Second Rule came to be, but after it entered Mel’s life, things started changing fast.  She went from a long list of things she felt were spiraling out of control to being in charge of her life.  And that’s important.  We have a choice in life of being on a boat with no paddles, being taken anywhere the currents decide, totally out of our control, or we can choose to grab the paddles and direct our life.  And this book is about a simple strategy to help you get that control, as well as an explanation for why it works.

With a lot of self help books they’ll tell you their secret to success but don’t go into a lot of detail.  It’s just a set of rules or principles you follow and the expectation is that you’ll have the same success.  The problem is that sometimes when you don’t know why things work you just don’t have any buy in to make use of the tool.  This book creates the buy in by giving you a great explanation for why this Rule works, and follows it up with a lot of success stories from people with all sorts of difficult situations who made amazing changes thanks to the Rule.

The key to the Rule is you simply have to use it.  Which is easy because it’s so simple.  But if you want to see how simple it is you’ve got to read the book, which doesn’t take long.  I’m not a particularly fast reader and I was able to finish the book in 2 hours.  It’s 241 pages long with lots of screen caps of the messages people have sent Mel of the success they’ve had.  Which brings me to my one criticism of the book.  I read it on my Kindle and some of the screen caps made the text so small I couldn’t read it which required zooming in.  That definitely slowed the reading down.  I don’t know how the screen caps look in the physical book, as I only get books for my Kindle, but if the text is small in the physical book you better have a magnifying glass.  I think that copying the text into quote boxes with a different font of the same size as the regular text would have made for a much easier read.  This of course is a minor criticism and doesn’t really detract from the enjoyment of the book, just the pace of reading.

As I said earlier the Rule is easy to implement and I’ve been doing so in my life.  The first area she suggests you use the Rule for is getting yourself out of bed in the morning, which is where I started using it.  And it works.  I don’t use the snooze nearly as often as I used to, which was pretty much most mornings.  Now I get up and use the Rule to make sure I stay up.  And that little extra time in the morning makes all the difference.  Plus it’s nice knowing I’m starting the day taking charge on my terms and not just rolling out of bed because I’ve backed myself into a time crunch.  And once you see how the Rule can make positive changes there you’re motivated to start using it on other things (like getting blog posts done or meeting your exercise goals).

So if you’re looking for help to get started on anything, be it getting up earlier or getting tasks done you keep putting off, this book can teach you in short order a simple and easy to follow Rule that will change your life.  If you’d like to see for yourself just click on the book cover below (which is an Amazon Affiliate link, just so you know).  Have a great day and I hope you enjoy the same level of success with the book that I’ve had.


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