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I follow Matt and Megha on YouTube and other social media.  Their main site is and I highly recommend it.  They are a wonderful couple and great Keto role models.  Their YouTube channel features lots of recipes and info on the ketogenic diet, but now they’ve upped the game by putting all that information into a new book, Keto Made Easy.  I purchased the Kindle edition of the book and have seen the paperback.

The book has a quick intro to the ketogenic diet with helpful tips on how to transition over, but the majority of the book is recipes to try on the diet.  If you want a nice and glossy looking book the paperback does look sharp and is well laid out.  But if you just want the info I’d recommend the Kindle version.  It does have color pics of the recipes if you are using the Kindle app on your tablet or smartphone and it has the added benefit of a clickable table of contents to take you right to each recipe.  It has breakfast items, baked goods, keto versions of popular take out, and most importantly, desserts.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a copy, and supporting some really nice folks who have been very good for the keto community, here is a link below.  This is an Amazon affiliate link so keep that in mind when you click.


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