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This is going to be a shorter post.  As expected my weight did go up since last Wednesday was my day off from keto.  What wasn’t expected was how little it went up.  Just .4 lbs.  Between being really consistent about exercise and mindful about the rest of my eating for the week I was able to limit the effects of the one day off.  Because the weight gain was so little none of the percentages changed from last week to this week so I won’t run the numbers like I usually do.  Hopefully next month I’ll have progressed far enough that the one day off from keto won’t result in any regain of weight, and the month after that it’ll only result in a brief slow down of my weight loss.

Which brings me to another important thing I’ve learned this week.  Being positive and making decisions that positively impact your mood and your life.  I’ve made a lot of progress since the beginning of the year with my body, but not as much with my mind.  Sure I’m generally more positive and feel better about myself, but I haven’t really devoted as much time to being more of a positive individual on the inside.  I want to try and keep the posts related to specific topics so I won’t go too far into this here, but I will elaborate in a separate post.  I just wanted to say that while it’s important to work on your body, I’ve realized that what’s on the inside is just as important.  A lump of coal in shiny Xmas wrapping paper with ribbons and bows is still just a lump of coal.  If you’re going to the trouble of creating a fantastic “vehicle” for yourself, make yourself a driver worthy of it.  Take care until next week.


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