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I mentioned this during my last weigh in and wanted to go into a little more detail about it now.  In dieting we tend to get caught up in taking care of the physical aspects of it.  Calories in versus calories out.  Exercising regularly.  Eating healthy.  Sleeping well.  All these things are great, and you should be mindful of them, but you should be more mindful of being mindful.

The whole point of getting in shape, for me anyway, is to live a better life.  And that’s generally how people view the journey.  When I get into shape my life will be so much better.  When I hit my weight goal things will be so much better.  Once I’ve got those amazing six pack abs my life with the ladies will be so much better.  Everything is a future event where somewhere down the road when a certain criteria has been met, I’ll be happy.  This is a terrible way to live a life.  Why wait to be happy, do it now.

Dr. Eric Berg (https://www.youtube.com/user/drericberg123) has said many a time that the problem with our mindset when it comes to losing weight is we feel we have to lose weight to become healthy.  He puts it the other way around.  He says get healthy so that your body loses the weight naturally.  He is a proponent of the ketogenic diet and I highly recommend following him on YouTube.

I think that when it comes to happiness we make the same mistake.  We assume we’ll be happy when all these positive things have happened to us.  Which is a never ending pursuit.  It always puts happiness down the road somewhere.  So we need to begin turning our view around on that.  Become happy to get the positive things to happen in your life.  Adopt a positive mindset and positive things will begin to appear in your life.  Whether you believe it’s the Law of Attraction, cause and effect, or you see what you want to see in life, it really doesn’t matter.  If you maintain a happy disposition and your life becomes better, who cares about the specifics of how.

Speaking of how, how do you become happier.  The simple, and very stoic, answer is you can’t control situations, but you can control how you react to them.  So starting today, when you feel sad or angry or bummed, stop and think to yourself “How would things be different right now if I chose to be happy?”  I think that happiness is a “muscle” like the rest of your muscles.  The more you work at contemplating happiness the stronger your happiness muscle gets.  And just like when your real muscles get stronger you can more easily handle heavy loads, as your happiness muscle gets stronger you can handle  heavier emotional loads.  I’m not suggesting this is a quick and easy fix or that you’ll have results overnight.  Far from it.  Just like it takes a long while to pack on solid muscle, it’ll take time focusing on happiness to build that level of emotional resilience where you’re just happy all the time.  It’ll be a long journey but when you arrive you’ll see the trip was worth it.


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