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It’s one of my all time favorite movies.  I’m a huge Sean Connery fan and I found this to be one of his most underrated performances.  It’s based off of the Michael Crichton novel of the same name.  In the movie Connery plays a police consultant called in to assist Wesley Snipes investigate a murder at a prominent Japanese electronics company.  It’s a great movie for sure, but I haven’t read the novel (I’ve included an affiliate link to both at the bottom of this post, just click the image).

I won’t go into great detail on either as I don’t want to give out any spoilers but there is a line from the movie I did want to share.  It doesn’t give away any of the plot so feel free to continue reading if you intend to read the book or watch the movie.  The line, spoken by Connery, is “Fix the problem, not the blame.”  It’s such a great line, and a great practice to include in your life.

The idea is that you have discovered a problem.  There are many actions you can take.  The one that usually comes up first is we want to know who caused the problem.  It kinda seems logical.  If there’s an issue that causes a problem, certainly somebody should be held responsible. The things is that figuring out who caused the problem doesn’t really do anything about fixing the problem.  It’s something we can figure out down the line, once the problem is fixed.  And that should be the focus, fixing the problem.

And while we’re discussing who to blame, it’s easy to see that you could substitute “what” just as easily for “who”.  Spinning wheels figuring out what caused the problem, before you fix the problem is jus as silly.  Unless you need to know who or what caused the problem to fix the problem, you should only be worried about HOW to fix the problem. Everything else is spending time on something that doesn’t really move you forward.

So from this point forward fix the problem, not the blame.  It more productive and actually improves your life.  Finger pointing, not so much.  Have a nice day and see you soon.


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