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Ok, the internet at my place has finally been fixed.  Sorry it took so long.  For my first post back I’m just going to go over last Monday’s weigh in.  I know I usually have pics for the first weigh in of the month but when the internet went out, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to post, it slipped my mind to take the pics for when I could post.  As such this weigh in on Monday will be my monthly weigh in with pics and then next month I’ll go back to the usual schedule for the monthly.

As I mentioned in my quick post about the internet going out, I didn’t think about the fact that the scale wouldn’t upload like it normally does. I looked down at the last second, just as the reading went away.  I wasn’t sure if it was 282.5 or 282.8 pounds.  Turns out 282.8 pounds was the winner.  Now that I have all the data I also know my body fat was 38.5% and muscle mass was 26.9%.

The last weigh in for August (the 27th) had me weighing in at 283.0 pounds with a body fat of 38.7% and the same 26.9% for muscle mass.  So in order that would be .2 pounds lost overall, a .6 pound loss of body fat, and a .2 pound loss of muscle mass.  Doing the math that means I was carrying an extra .6 pounds of water weight, give or take.

The biggest reason for this small loss would be the three days I spent in bed due to the flu.  It might have been the keto flu, but it wasn’t that bad the first time so I’m guessing regular flu.  Even though my food intake was low, my exercise levels were obviously way lower due to being bed ridden most of the days.

On the whole though, the fact that I still managed to go down a little bit in body fat while spending almost half the week laid up is not bad.  Certainly not a great way to lose weight, but I’ll take it.

Now the one exception I’ll make to putting off the monthly update until next week is the exercise challenge I made for myself during the last monthly update.  To meet the goal I’d need to close the exercise ring 21 out of the 28 days between weigh ins.  I got to 20, so I was 1 short of the goal.  I’ll make 2 opposing points about this.

Point 1, the more negative of the two, is that while it would be easy to say that had I not been sick those three days I’d have met the challenge, that’s simply incorrect.  I could miss 7 days total and subtracting the 3 due to illness I still had 4 extra.  And I didn’t close the circle on those 4 days.  Being better is about being honest and the truth is on those 4 days I let laziness get the best of me figuring I had extra days to burn.  That came back to bite me in the ass at the end.  So the object lesson is, since we don’t know what tomorrow will bring, do your best today and don’t put things off.

Point 2, the more positive one, is about goal setting.  Let’s say I had set my goal for just half the days.  Well I went well past that mark, so that would have been an easy goal.  We don’t get better setting easy goals.  We get better setting harder goals.  While I wouldn’t subscribe to setting unrealistic goals, setting goals that will require you to work hard to accomplish them is a good idea.  Here’s the thing with that though, they’re hard goals and you have to be reasonable with yourself should you not succeed.  Going back to the fifty percent goal, had I gotten to the 14 days mark it would be easy to get lax and I may have only did a couple extra, getting to maybe 17 or 18 days.  By going for 75% of the days I knew the finish line of 21 days was farther away and I worked at it longer.  So yes at 20 days I only accomplished 95% of the goal, but got in 2-3 more days of work because of it.  So which is better, 129% of an easy goal (18 days/14 days), or 95% of the harder goal (20 days/21 days)?  Obviously the latter, as long as you don’t beat yourself up for “failing” to reach your goal.  That’s the key.  Set the goal high but be reasonable with how you view the results.

That’s it for this post.  Haven’t decided if I’ll do another post a little later tonight or tomorrow.  So either I’ll see you in a bit, or see you tomorrow.  Either way take care and have a great day.


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