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I’ve been looking into ways to grow my blog.  Although I’m thankful for the followers I already have, this blog has been about helping people and I’d like to reach more people because of it.  So I’ve been studying ways to improve the number of followers I have.

One of the things I’ve been studying is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Before blogging I had never heard of SEO.  It’s not really important to someone who just has an Instagram and Facebook page that’s mainly followed by friends.  But now I want to reach a bigger audience so SEO is a lot more relevant to me.

Now I’m just learning about SEO so I’m by no means an expert on the subject, but the concept seems pretty straight forward.  Doing things that increase your chances of being discovered during a search.  There are many ways to do this but the one that has caught my attention is using more effective keywords or tags.

The reason it caught my attention is that SEO using effective keywords seems remarkably similar to me as the Law of Attraction (LOA).  Whereas you use keywords and tags for SEO, you do a similar thing with affirmations and thoughts with LOA.  And much like SEO and how well chosen your keywords are, how well you choose your thoughts will greatly determine your success with LOA.

Take SEO for my blog as an example.  The two big focal areas of my blog are the Ketogenic lifestyle and improved inner well-being.  If for this post I chose keywords like “diet”, “fats”, and “thinking” I’m probably not going to have a lot of success.  Even though each of those keywords actually applies to my blog, they’re very vague.  As an example I’ll type “diets” into Google and see what happens.  Oh look, about 1,150,000,000 results come back.  And my page would be just one of those.  So the odds of someone landing on my page would seem to be 1 in 1,150,000,000, but in fact it’s well lower.  The odds of someone flipping through enough search results to get to my page is pretty much nil.  Now what happens if I use the keyword search “ketogenic lifestyle”?    I’m down to 154,000,000 results.  My chances still wouldn’t be great, but they’d be well better than when the results were over a billion.  So the more specific and relevant I make my keywords and tags, the more likely people are to find my page.

How does this relate to LOA?  Well if you want abundance, or health, or relationships to find you it’s crucial that you use the right “keywords” in your thoughts.  Lets start with the concept of abundance.  Abundance is a very vague term.  It just means a lot of something, but doesn’t really define what that something is.  Therefore if you want the LOA to work best for you, you’ll need to be more specific about an abundance of what.  If you define abundance as lots of friends, then you don’t want the universe providing you with an abundance of coffee.  I on the other hand love coffee so I’d be ok with an abundance of it.

Or lets look at the LOA and relationships.  If all you ask for is the vague term relationships, you could wind up with a ton of friends.  There’s nothing wrong with having lots of friends, but if you’re looking for romance, friends aren’t going to cut it.  The opposite is true, as well.  If you’re just wanting stronger friendships but ask the universe for relationships, you could wind up with a lot of women or men showing romantic interest in you.  This would be great if that’s what you wanted, but doesn’t really help make your friendships stronger.

So with the LOA you need to use good keywords.  Don’t just think about being healthy, focus on what that truly means to you.  If healthy means having a level of fitness that creates a great body that is capable of participating in any activity you want, ask for that instead of just wanting “health”.  If healthy to you means disease and illness free, think specifically about that.  Instead of the vague abundance, ask for an abundance of what you specifically want like happiness, or comic books, or business leads, or money.

Spend time considering what it truly is you want, boiled down to its specific form.  Picture what that would be in your mind.  Visualize it in as great a detail as you can.  Let the LOA know exactly what you want so it returns search results more relevant and helpful to you.  After all how can you expect the LOA to know what you want if you can’t even figure it out yourself.

Let me know what you think about this comparison.  Agree?  Disagree?  Are you picking up what I’m putting down?  Do I have a totally incorrect view about SEO?  At the least I hope this has given you some fun thinking to do.  The LOA is a great tool when used correctly.  Just remember that it works no matter how you use it.  Give it good keywords and you’ll get what you desire.  Use bad ones and, well it’ll return lots of results for those too.  So keep those thoughts positive and on point.  I hope you’re having a great day.  See you next time.


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