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The weekly YouTube vlog is up and running.  The first four videos were devoted to the Keto diet.  The channel is called Ketoconscience because it’s about improving yourself in body and mind.  So this week I decided it was time to start talking about the mind aspect.  I give a brief overview on what I’m doing in my life to improve my mind along with my body.

It’s important to remember that doing things to make you live longer sounds great, but living longer just to live longer misses the point.  If you’re going to live longer you need to be able to enjoy the extra time here.  That’s why it’s just as important to improve your mind.  How it functions, and how it feels.  I want to live a very long time, and I want to be sharp and happy when I do.

So here’s the video.  If you like the video please leave a like on it at YouTube.  Also, feel free to leave a comment about what you liked.  Or even what you didn’t like.  Comments on how I can improve my YouTube or here are also welcome.  Subscribe and click the notification bell if you’d like to keep up on my channel and get immediate notifications when I post new material.  Hope you’re having a great day.


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