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I’m a big fan of Doctor Who.  Haven’t always loved the individual Doctors themselves (never really took to Colin Baker’s portrayal of The Doctor) but I’ve been in love with the show since the late 70’s (when Tom Baker was The Doctor, and still my favorite Doctor) until now with Jodie Whittaker (the first female Doctor, and my third favorite just after David Tenant, the 10th Doctor).

The license plate on the front of my Prius is a picture of the TARDIS in space and says “My Other Ride Is The TARDIS”.  I even have a couple of sonic screwdrivers.  The most frequent question I get asked about my love of Doctor Who is, funny enough, “Why?”  Most of my friends can’t for the life of them figure out why I’m such a fan.  I’m not sure how they can’t be.

Of course the answer to both questions is pretty easy.  We all value different things for different reasons to different degrees.  The fact that my friends clearly aren’t enlightened enough to understand what a great show Doctor Who has been for longer then I’ve been alive is just a matter of taste, or possibly lack thereof.

Seriously though, I’m sure you find this concept easy to relate to.  You’ve been super excited about something and go to explain it to someone else only to get the response “And?”  You go to a movie with a friend and afterward they just rave and rave about it, for reasons that escape you because you thought it was a big waste of time and money.  There are tons of examples in your life about things that are important to you, but not so much to others you know.

It all comes down to value.  We naturally understand that due to tastes, or philosophies, or backgrounds, we all value things differently.  But for some reason when we think something is big and important to us, the Universe and the Law of Attraction (LOA) must put high value on it as well.

The Universe, and the LOA, just doesn’t put the same value on things as you do.  Next time you’re out at night, start counting stars.  You probably won’t go for long before you realize there are just too many for you to count.  The Universe is vast.  Things that you think are so big and so important, generally the same things you are trying to attract to yourself using the LOA, are really small and of no value to the Universe.  It’s all the same.

Take money for example.  It’s probably the most frequently sought after thing using the LOA.  So why isn’t it just as frequently manifested?  Because the people trying to do so are placing such high value on it.  By placing such a high value on it the person subconsciously reinforces the idea that it’s something hard to get.  The LOA can pick up on that subconscious belief and give you what you’re focusing on.  That money is hard to get.  Now stop and really think about this.  Does the Universe really cares a lot about money?  Why would the Universe need or want or care for money?  It’s the Universe, money isn’t important at all to it.

So the value the Universe is putting on it is being created by you, not it.  Same for expensive cars.  Or big mansions.  Or private jets.  The Universe doesn’t value these things.  It really doesn’t care about these things.  The Universe is vast and has everything.  So to the Universe, giving you a new Bentley is no different then giving you a $100 bill.

The next time you decide to attract something to yourself using the LOA use that mindset.  The Universe doesn’t care and value like you do.  So no matter what you’re asking from the Universe it’s all the same to it.  So just ask.  Don’t fear or speculate on the chances.  In fact, go ahead and ask for it, or something the Universe feels you’ll want more.  And then just let it go out into the Universe to be fulfilled

No worries, no concerns about it being too big or too much.  Just ask and trust the Universe can deliver all things big and small to you equally and without judgement.  Have a great day.



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