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Ok, so I’m not really that great a cook.  I usually do easy stuff like Brussels sprouts with bacon on top in the oven, or really easy like salami with cream cheese.  I know how to cook eggs and can make simple keto stir fries.  Sometimes though you just want a tasty meal that doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part.  So I’m putting together a list of ready-made keto meals.

The first on the list is Sated (   Sated is a meal replacement drink that’s designed around the macros of the ketogenic diet.  It comes in two varieties, Sucralose sweetened, and naturally sweetened using Ethyritol, stevia, and monk fruit.  The sucralose variety comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor.  The naturally sweetened is available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  All the flavors taste good and are easy to mix.  When I ordered for the first time they had a starter kit that included a Blender Bottle with it, but that option doesn’t appear available anymore.  I’m guessing any shaker bottle that can hold 20 oz will do.  To mix you include one scoop of oil and one scoop of powder with 12 oz of water and then shake away.  If you buy using one time purchase the box will cost you $90, which may seem like a lot until you consider that it’s 30 servings of a 400 calorie keto meal.  So $3 for each meal is actually quite reasonable.  However, you can shave $18 off the price by opting for the monthly subscription.  The customer service is top-notch (I had a bottle of oil with a broken seal so a bunch leaked out, four days later I was holding a new bottle at no extra cost and I didn’t even have to ship back the old bottle) and they will soon be offering ready-made drink cartons.  On a side note if you order Vanilla it’s easy to add flavoring like cinnamon or pumpkin spice to mix it up a bit.

My second option is also a meal replacement shake.  This one is made by American Metabolix (  They offer a variety of keto friendly products but their Keto Meal keto shakes are the ones I’m talking about today.  Same as Sated, the shake’s macros are aimed at the ketogenic diet ratios.  The available flavors right now are Vanilla Cake and Chocolate.  They just demoed two new flavors for pre-order, Blueberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Cookie, but they are currently out of stock and I don’t know for sure they will be available again.  I’ve only tried the Vanilla Cake, although I did order the Blueberry Cheesecake.  The Vanilla Cake is good, but I do like the Sated Vanilla better.  You get 40 servings per tub of Keto Meal but the servings are only 210 calories, half of a Sated serving.  The cost per tub is $79.99, but if you subscribe monthly you get a discount (10% off).  Where Keto Meal has it over Sated is it’s easier to mix.  With Sated you have to add the oil, which is an extra step.  And if you get clumsy, a very messy step.  With Keto Meal it’s just the powder.  This makes it quicker to make, plus you can take it with you by putting a scoop of powder in a Ziploc bag.  You can’t do that with the Sated. Also, I think that the Keto Meal mixes better.

The third option is the priciest, but you’re getting actual meals out of it.  And it has the greatest variety.  It’s called KetoFridge (  This one is a meal prep service.  They offer a weekly rotating menu of keto approved foods to choose from.  The minimum order is $69, which is easy to get to quickly.  Some meals, like the keto pizzas they offer, will give you enough for two portions, but most are designed around a single serving.  They’re easy to reheat in the microwave or oven and taste oh so delicious.  I’ve not had anything yet from them I didn’t like.  My favorite dinner is the pepperoni pizza.   My overall favorite though are their blueberry scones.  The weekly selection is rather large so I won’t be able to list it all, you’ll have to go to the website to check it out yourself.  Plus, as the menu does rotate anything I mention here could be gone later.  They do also carry pre-made drinks and desserts from Leopard Spotted Hippo.  They are tasty, but not cheap.  I usually order a few items once a month as a treat for myself.  The catch is that you have to eat most of it up within a week of receiving it so only order it if you’re planning on using it the following week.  They do not offer a subscription service and they don’t usually offer a discount.  But still a good company to deal with.

That’s it for this list.  Although there are just 3 overall options listed, between the three you’re looking at a lot of meals that won’t require much of any cooking skills on your part.  If you do decide to try them please leave a comment letting me know what you think of them.  This wraps up today’s post and I hope you’re having a great day.


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