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Tonight’s post will just be a quick update on my keto book.  I’m happy to report that the 1st draft is done.  It took a bit longer then it should have to get to here, but I did get here.

The next few steps will take a bit because some of them will require outside help.  The first one is to give the book a day or two off so I can come back in a little while and look at the book from a fresh perspective.  That will help me in my first revision.  If you revise the book right after you complete the 1st draft you remember too much of what you were trying to get at.  So when you read the text it may appear more coherent and easy to understand than it actually is.  Giving the time off allows for a more honest revision.

After I finish the revision I’ll give a copy of the book to a few of my friends for review.  The trick here is picking the right friends.  Friends who are supportive of your writing efforts are great, but they don’t always make the best editors.  They want you to succeed, which is a good thing, but that often means they won’t critique the book thoroughly enough.  So I’ll have to make sure to hand it off to friends who meet three criteria.  First, they care enough to be honest in their review, even if it’s to point out problems.  Second, they know and understand me well enough to get that I’ll only be upset if they aren’t completely honest with me, even if it’s bad.  And third, they can do all that in a timely manner.  Of course I have to be a little negotiable on the last one as I can’t exactly claim to have been exceptionally timely myself.

Once I get their feedback I incorporate their corrections, criticisms, and ideas into a final draft.  I’ll have them give that a quick once over and if it passes muster I’ll finalize the book.  Then I’ll need to design a cover for it.  After that it seems to be an easy process of putting it all together and up for sale on the Amazon Kindle store.  I say seems because the instructions are simple enough to follow, but this will be my first shot so who knows if “looks easy” and “is easy” wind up being the same thing.  Once the book is live I’ll post about it here.

Not sure what the time frame for all this is as it’s my first book, but I’m hoping all done by the end of the year.  My intention is to offer it as a Kindle Unlimited book and for $0.99 if you want to buy it outright.  I don’t see myself charging more because it’s a small book.

So that’s my update on the keto book.  Hopefully more updates to come soon, especially the going on sale update.  Hope you’re having a great day and see you soon.


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