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For this post I thought I would share a few new things they’ve discovered in the last year about the ketogenic diet.  For some of these things the science isn’t by any means settled, but research at least has been done and the results are believed to be true at this point.

The Ketogenic Diet may be anti-aging:  Researchers at the Gladstone Institute have discovered that the ketogenic diet can have the same anti-aging effects that are seen in calorie restricted diets.  The benefits in a calorie restricted diet come from the creating of β-hydroxybutyrate (βOHB).  However, the ketogenic diet is also able to create βOHB without the need for calorie restriction.  That’s because βOHB is a ketone.  The creation of βOHB helps to combat oxidative stress which helps slow the aging process.  For a more detailed explanation please consult the article below.


The Ketogenic Diet is muscle sparing:  A lot of people are under the misconception that you just can’t put on muscle with the ketogenic diet.  Not only is it possible to put on extra muscle, it’s actually more difficult to lose muscle while in ketosis.  The key to whether or not you put on the muscle is your protein intake.  So even if you’re running lower than you should on protien it’s good to know that at least this isn’t going to cause you to back track muscle wise.


The Ketogenic Diet is good for protecting the brain:  It seems that the ketogenic diet is capable of reducing beta-amyloid.  Beta-amyloid protein, when it sticks together, causes the blockages that lead to Alzheimer’s disease.  Being on the ketogenic diet helps to increase the removal of beta-amyloid proteins, leading to a better functioning brain.  Especially as it ages.


The Ketogenic Diet is good for the eyes as well:  Glaucoma is a disease where the cells that send the images to the brain become damaged, reducing the quality of your vision.  Researchers at Northeast Ohio Medical University found that maintaining a ketogenic lifestyle increased energy production to the retinal cells at the back of the eye, decreasing the chance of damage, in patients with glaucoma.


It’s important to keep in mind a lot of this is early findings.  And further research needs to be done on all four topics.  But it seems that every day we learn more about the benefits of the ketogenic diet, beyond the amazing weight loss and increased energy.

So even if you already are at a good body weight, there are many more reasons to start, and continue to live, a ketogenic lifestyle.  I’ll post more when new research comes out.  Have a great day.


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