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I remember an old joke from when I was a kid.  It goes like this.  A man was in his house when he heard the news that a flood was coming.  He immediately prayed to God to be saved from the flood.  He went outside in the knee deep water and waited for God to deliver him.  While waiting a guy in a 4×4 pulled up and told him to jump in the back and he’d drive him to safety.  The man politely declined saying “The Lord will save me.”  The water rose to the point where the man had to go to the second floor to be above the water line.  While sitting in his window a boat operator saw him and pulled up to the window and told him to jump in, he’d take him to safety.  Again the man politely declined saying “The Lord will save me.”   The waters rose again forcing the guy to climb on his roof.  A passing helicopter saw him and dropped him a rope ladder telling him to climb on board to be carried to safety.  The man politely declined saying “The Lord will save me.”  The waters rose again, and the man drowned. Upon entering Heaven the man saw God.  He walked up to him and said “Lord I don’t understand.  I prayed to you for deliverance from the flood but you didn’t save me.”  God replied, “I sent you a 4×4, a boat, and a helicopter.  What more were you expecting?”

I loved this joke as a kid.  Always got a laugh out of it.  But it contains a serious lesson we’d all do well to learn.  Sometimes we get so focused on our plan, or our expectation of things, we don’t see the good coming into our life because it doesn’t match what we were expecting.  Like the man who expected God to miraculously save him, we miss out on the good that is right there in front of us.  So this week pay attention to the signs coming your way.  If an opportunity presents itself that moves you in the direction of your goal, take a good look at it.  The universe is trying to help you get where you want, it just sees a better path for you.  Be open to the good that’s trying to come into your life, no matter the path.  And have a great week.


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