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I wanted to put out a quick thank you to those of you who have viewed my YouTube vlogs.  I reached 200 views today.  While that’s well under the 10,000 views I need to monetize my channel it still represents a good start to me.  I was anticipating a slow start and didn’t figure I’d get to 200 until early 2019.  Now, with a couple of weeks to go, I’m already there.  If you haven’t watched any of my videos feel free to scroll down through my feed and check them out.  If you have any comments or suggestions leave them here, or on the video posts, or even on the YouTube channel itself.  There are still plenty more videos to come as I promised myself no matter what I’d put at least one video out a week for a full year.  So here’s to hoping as I move forward I’ll be thanking you for 500 views soon enough.  Have a great day.


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