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If you went on a road trip and 3/4 of the way there you took a wrong turn, you wouldn’t stop driving for the rest of the day or the week.  You’d immediately get back on track and moving towards your destination.  To do otherwise would be silly.  And yet that’s how we view so many other things in life.

On the keto diet it’s very important to stay strictly keto.  And the reason why is if you exceed the carb limit for the day you get knocked out of ketosis immediately.  It isn’t like glucose based diets where you can have one bad meal a day but balance it out by being otherwise healthy in your eating.  So when you do go outside the guidelines it’s easy to think “well I’m already outside of ketosis, might as well just take the rest of the day off.”  Some people even call the rest of the week off, promising to get back on the keto bandwagon at the beginning of next week.

Or maybe you were supposed to work out today but the time you had scheduled to do so comes and goes.  Perhaps traffic was bad and you couldn’t get to the gym.  Or another event had to take priority.  It’s understandable, things happen.  But why throw the rest of the day away because of it?

The longer the amount of time you go from the point where you went off plan to when you get back on plan the longer you go before seeing results again.  So sure, you fell into temptation and had lunch at Dairy Queen.  You’re no longer in ketosis because of it.  When you wait until tomorrow to get back on track you’re wasting valuable hours during which you could be correcting the mistake now.  If you immediately go back to eating keto, or maybe even fasting, the quicker you’ll get back into ketosis.  By calling the whole day a wash you run the risk of compounding the issue because well you’re already out of ketosis so might as well enjoy yourself.  Not a good strategy for success.

You had a great workout planned for 2pm today but you got side tracked.  You would have burned a lot of calories or maybe put on some muscle.  But instead at 2pm you were elsewhere.  How does failing to exercise the rest of the day improve on that situation?  At 7pm when you have some time get in a walk.  It won’t be an exact replacement to what you missed, but it gets you back on track quicker.

And that’s the goal to focus on.  Mistakes happen.  Things get missed.  The plan doesn’t come together.  But if you get right back up on that horse and take off again, you’ll get to your destination with only a minimum delay, instead of an extra day, or week.  And if it’s a long journey and you fall off a few times, all those delays can really add up.

So here’s to getting back on track now.  Because there’s no better time to become the best version of yourself.  Have a great day.


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