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Every year on this day, those who celebrate Christmas enjoy a day of giving and receiving. Whether it be with friends or family we love coming together to swap gifts and share a delicious meal.  Christmas is a very special day and I love taking part in it.

But it’s just one day out of the whole year. Of course we also just had Thanksgiving in the United States, where we spend time remembering all the things we’re grateful for.  On July 4th, also in the United States, we celebrate our freedom.  Now we’re up to three.

There are a few other holidays we celebrate every year here in the United States.  And in other countries they have holidays to remember important historical events or times to focus on aspects their lives.

So the question is, what are you doing with the other days?  While placing gifts under the Christmas Tree is a fun tradition, why wait until Christmas to give a gift to someone you love?  And wouldn’t the world be a better place if we didn’t always wait for December 25th to wish for peace on Earth and good will to all men?

How much better do you think your life would be if instead of waiting for every Thanksgiving to remember what blessings you’ve been granted in your life, you took stock of that every day?  Or instead of having a big meal with the whole family once a year, how better in touch would you be if you did it once a month?

Don’t get me wrong.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having these special days to call special attention to these thoughts and feelings.  But there’s also nothing wrong with having these feelings and embracing them every day of the year.

So be thankful for your blessings every day.  And two months from now if you find a wonderful gift your friend would just love, go ahead and give it to them now.  There’s just no wrong time of the year for happiness.  Have a great day.


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