A Salute to Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge   Leave a comment

On February 8th of 1794, Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge was born in Hamburg, Germany.  Why do I take a moment to commemorate Runge’s birth?  Simple, he was the first person to discover (or identify if you please) one of my favorite substances (and possibly yours), caffeine.

For those of you, such as myself, who like starting the day off with a warm cup of joe, this discovery is of epic importance.  If you don’t drink coffee, this day is still of interest to you if you drink tea or soda.

So I thought I’d run down a few of the benefits of caffeine.  Keep in mind these benefits don’t require going overboard,  As good as caffeine can be for us it’s just as easy for it to become a problem if you take it in large doses.  Also keep in mind with some of these benefits the science isn’t complete yet and they’re just believed to be true.

The first one is the most well-known and obvious.  Caffeine helps you stay awake.  It gives you energy by stimulating your metabolism.  The increased calorie burn not only gives you energy but can also help with your weight.  This is something to be especially mindful on when on the ketogenic diet or fasting.  Caffeine helps you to burn more stored fat when doing both.

Caffeine can help keep you up in other ways as well.  Men who drink between 3-4 cups of coffee a day (8 oz. cups) have a lower incidence of erectile dysfunction according to the University of Texas in Houston.

Caffeine can also help you in the gym.  Caffeine can give you a boost in strength, allowing you to life more.  It can also help increase the duration of your work out by improving your stamina.

And the final benefit I’ll mention, which is the one I’m using now as I write, is that it can boost your cognitive skills.  Caffeine has been shown to improve your thinking speed, clarity of thought, and memory.  Possibly explaining why every Starbucks I go to is overrun with college students.

So there you have it.  Now the caffeine in coffee was there long before Runge discovered it, but thanks to him we now know what it is that benefits us so much.  So if you’re having one today (not too close to bedtime I hope) take a moment to raise your glass and salute Friedlieb for his contribution to our lives.  Have a great day.  Peace.


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