Why Stress Needs A Better Publicist.   Leave a comment

We live in an age of convenience.  Want a quick dinner?   Pop one in the microwave and a couple of minutes later you’re ready to go.  Feel like being entertained?  Most newer televisions sold these days allow you to play movies from Amazon or Netflix right thru the television.  Want to go somewhere but don’t feel like driving?  Call an Uber or Lyft.  Want to tell a friend something but you need to say it face to face?  No need to go to where they are, just open up your phone and FaceTime them.

Life is very easy now.  In many ways that’s a good thing.  In many ways it isn’t.  All these things making our lives easier are taking away our stress.  You read that right.  All these things making our lives easier are taking away our stress.  And that’s a bad thing.

We’ve been told for the longest time we need to get rid of stress, and that’s wrong.  It’s an oversimplification lumping all stress together.  But some stress is actually good for you.  Your body actually needs it to grow, both physically and emotionally.

Want a quick dinner but you don’t have anything you can microwave?  You’ll feel a little bit of stress about that because your primitive mind fears scarcity.  But then you’ll take the time to cook for yourself.  It’ll take longer than microwaving something but you’ll get the food eventually.  Or maybe you can’t cook so you order something to be delivered to your doorstep.  That’ll take time too, but again you’ll be fed sooner or later.  Worst case scenario you get in the car and go buy food to eat.  However you make it happen, once you get fed your primitive mind learns that it’s ok.  The stress has made you stronger because it’s taught you patience.

Want that entertainment but you don’t have a television?  You go to the theater where you have to walk in, wait in line, and then walk up the steps to your seat.  That’s physical stress on your body.  If you haven’t been exercising it stresses your body forcing it to adapt and become stronger.  If you exercise a lot already you’re still burning calories which helps your body keep what it has.  Sitting at home and pushing buttons on your remote, not so much.  Works the same for not being able to Uber or Lyft yourself places.  Instead of being dropped off right at your destination you’ll have to park somewhere and walk to and from your car.

Want to tell someone something face to face?  Yeah FaceTime is great for that, especially since you can hang up if things go south.  Takes a lot of the stress out of the conversation.  But wait, stress can be our friend.  So be a good friend and sit next to the person actually face to face.  Tell them what you need to.  If it needs to be done face to face it’s probably going to be a little stressful to tell.  But you’ll live, and learn that you can do it and go on.  This stress builds emotional strength and courage.

The point is not that reducing stress in your life is bad.  Reducing stress in your life is great if you experience it frequently or for long duration.  The point is don’t try to eliminate stress from your life.  A little stress is a good thing as long as it isn’t chronic stress.

So this week when you see something that might stress you out, keep it under control.  Be thankful for the chance to grow and strengthen yourself.  Or better yet, add the stress yourself.  Do things the harder way because you know that you’ll be better for having done it.  Just don’t stress yourself about having stress and you’ll be fine.  Have a great day.  Peace.



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