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Yesterday was the monthly weigh in.  The results were good, but below what I needed to ensure I would be at or below 280 by the time of my trip to Bellingham.  I weighed in at 285.4 pounds.  That’s 7.6 pounds down from last month’s update.  A solid amount, but unfortunately it drops me just below averaging 10 pounds a month.  Not a complaint, just an observation.  My body fat percentage was 39.0% so I’m carrying 111.3 pounds of body fat.  Last month I was at 40.3%, amounting to 118.1 pounds, a difference of 6.8 pounds.  Muscle mass came in at 26.7% for a total of 76.2 pounds of muscle.  Last month it was 25.9%, totally 75.9 pounds, for a gain of .3 pounds of muscle.  That doesn’t sound like a lot but considering my usual method of exercising is walking with just a small amount of body weight exercise I think that’s pretty good.  The remaining pound of difference, give or take, comes from lost water weight.

As for exercise I think I could be doing a little better but I wouldn’t call my performance bad.  I get in at least one exercise session a day, and manage to close my 30 minute exercise ring half the time and get over half the ring 90% of the time.  There were also a number of those full ring days where I actually went well into a second ring.  Another fact to keep is for whatever reason my Apple Watch is widely inconsistent on counting exercise time. To reliably count it I need to have the exercise app tracking an activity.  So there were plenty of times I was getting a walk in that didn’t get reflected in the numbers because the watch didn’t view it as exercise.  Next month’s goal is to have at least 75% of the days be closed rings.

Food tracking wise I again have to report poor progress.  The food tracker requires inputting specific food amounts which requires weighing.  I just haven’t devoted the time in preparing meals to do the weighing.  I know I should but I get busy and don’t get it done.  Not making excuses but I think it’s also because as long as I’m following the basic keto guidelines in what I eat and I’m making progress, good progress even, I just haven’t prioritized this because it isn’t “essential”.  But I also remind myself that I have no way of knowing how much better I could be doing if I were to optimize my performance by including more accurate tracking.

And finally it’s picture time.  The top picture is this month’s progress pic, and each picture below it is going back in time.  The split image ones are my progress pics each month going backwards.  The one of me in the shorts and grey USA t-shirt was just a happy pic for me to take.  The shorts are waist size 48 and they fit comfortably enough to wear. At one time I wore a size 60 waist, so progress.  The one in the Flash t-shirt would be my “starting pic” which was actually a week or so after I started because I hadn’t thought to take one on day 1.  And the last pic of me in the black jacket goes back to 2013 when I was heavier still.  Don’t know if that was at my heaviest, which was 380 pounds, but it was close if not that.  When I see today’s progress pic and look all the way down at that it amazes me just how much progress I’ve made.  But there’s still a ways to go, and I’m confident I’ll get there.  Thanks for support and I’ll see you next month.



07/16/18 Weigh In   Leave a comment

So little bit of bad luck this week.  I live in a relatively new neighborhood.  There’s still construction going on all around me, including digging in the ground to run lines.  And the other day one of the companies that was doing that hit the fiber optic line.  So for the past few days I haven’t had internet (or television, although I didn’t mind that as much).  Everything is now back up and running so I can do my weekly update.  And starting tomorrow I’m going to go back to trying to post daily for a week, give or take another internet knockout.

This Monday I weighed in at 291.2 pounds.  This is down 2.4 pounds from last week.  I was really shocked by this because I had moved my day off from keto up to last Tuesday.  I was meeting a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time for lunch and felt it would be easier to find a mutually agreeable place to eat if we weren’t working around my keto requirements.  Usually after a day off from keto my weight goes up.  The fact that it not only didn’t go up but it went down by quite a bit was amazing.  And it was mostly fat.  My body fat percentage went from 40.5% down to 40.1% which means I lost 2.2 pounds in fat and based on the other numbers that stayed the same the other .2 pounds lost had to be water.

At 40.1% I’m just one or two weigh ins from being under 40% body fat.  Being happy about being 40% body fat, or just under, might seem a little odd until you take into account that when I started this journey on the first day of this year I was 52% body fat.  So I’m nearly 12 percentage points lighter then when I started.  And if I make the same drop in the second half of the year I’ll be at around 28% body fat, almost half of what I started.

Looking back over the last week it’s easy to see what the culprit is for this surprise drop.  I’ve been really good about my exercise this week. I’ve added two things that are really speeding the weight loss up.  The first is I started making better use of the dip station I bought. I still can’t push my body weight up yet so what I started doing was locking my arms, picking my feet up off the ground, and then slowly lowering myself until I dropped. I could do this for a couple times before I’d go straight to dropping.   This is good, but last week I decided to add another twist.  When I get to the point where I just drop I switched to locking my arms out and then bring my knees up high as I can and then lower them.  This is giving me a great ab workout, plus tuckers out the arms, strengthening my upper body better.

The other things I started doing last week is going from walking to walking with jogging sprints interspersed along the way.  It’s not a wholesale HIIT workout but it certainly moves in that direction.  And I think the results speak for themselves. Clearly I’m burning more fat during the week then what I was during the previous weeks.  So I’ll be keeping up this practice.  I’m getting better each time, being able to jog a little faster for a little longer on each run.

This wraps up this weeks weigh in.  The next one will be just a few days away as this one got posted late due to the internet outage.  See you again for the next weigh in, and tomorrow for my next daily post.

05/28/18 Weigh in, sorry it’s a little late   Leave a comment

So I’ve been a little busy the last two days and didn’t realize I had skipped the update on my progress.  For that I apologize.  Keeping accountable on here is important to me and I shouldn’t be allowing it to get lost in the rush.

As expected this week was actually a gain in weight.  The Wednesday before was my monthly day off from keto so I knew I would be heavier this weigh in.  I had seriously considered cancelling or putting off this month’s day off because I had just gotten back under 300 for the first time in who knows how long last weigh in and didn’t feel like immediately going back over.  In the end I decided that not doing the day off for that reason would go against what I’ve said all along, which is don’t focus on one number, focus on the whole journey.  So what if I went over again because past experience with my days off show me that I’ll lose it right back.  So why deny myself the plan I set because of one silly number, 300.  Which is a great movie by the way if you haven’t seen it.

When I did my weigh in Monday morning my faith in my game plan was rewarded.  On previous days off I put on an average of 3 pounds each time.  On this one I only gained a pound.  So I weighed in at 300.2 lbs and 41.8% body fat.  So I only went up .3% body fat.  I  gain a little more then a pound of body fat if you run the numbers, so I had to lose a little water or muscle to account for the difference.  As it was less then half a pound I’m ok with that because that difference could be accounted for by the slight inaccuracies of weighing in.  Which is another good reason not to get caught up with the numbers of a single weigh in.

I think that the reason I only put on one more pound this time around is because I’ve been doing a lot better with my exercise.  I invested in one of those plastic aerobic steps with the adjustable height.  The one I got has a 300 lb limit so I realize I am technically over it.  Since I know I’ll be below 300 lbs soon I think it can take the extra .2 lbs for a week.  It was a $45 investment, mainly because it’s designed to be extra sturdy.  The best part is there is now no excuse for not working out.  Can’t say I didn’t get to the gym, because the step is right here in my bedroom.  Can’t say I couldn’t because it’s raining outside because I have a good roof over my head.  Can’t say I don’t want to disturb my family because I can do this in the privacy of my room.  So no more excuses.  I’m only on the 3rd day of my tracking week and I’ve already gotten 5 workouts in totaling 1 hour 7 minutes.  So I’m thinking the weigh in this upcoming Monday is going to be great.  Until then take care and be happy.

A Quick Word on Cheat Days   Leave a comment

As part of my Keto journey I decided to give myself one day off from Keto a month.  The reason being it makes for a bit of a pressure release for any cravings I might feel the rest of the month.  By giving myself a free day where I can enjoy things guilt free I’m easily able to put off my cravings the rest of the month.  But I wanted to share a few thoughts about cheat days.

FIrst, I think the frequency of them is important. If you try to have a cheat day every week I think you’re dooming yourself to failure.  In a seven day week if one of the days is definitely not keto you’re down to six days of keto tops, obviously.  But tops is the key here.  Once you get yourself out of ketosis you have to get yourself back into ketosis.  That’s going to run you at least a day, maybe more.  So now it’s a 5 days of ketosis max deal.  And it’s possible you’ll take a couple days to get back in so you may be down to 4 days of ketosis.  Half a week in and half a week out isn’t the way to go if you want to make progress.  And, although I’m not a doctor or researcher, I’m pretty sure that going back and forth like that between ketones and glucose isn’t good for the body.

So I chose one day a month because even if I do take a couple days to get back in I’m getting over 26 days of ketosis for the month on a short month.  And that’s if it takes me two days, which brings me to my second point.

I don’t take long to get back into ketosis because on the day after my cheat day I do a fast.  Doing a fast puts me right back into ketosis by the end of the next day.  On the outside I can use a day of fasting and exogenous ketones and I’m right back into ketosis.  So it’s a trade off based on making adult choices.  Which is why after referring to it as a cheat day most of this post I’ll let you in on this secret, I hate the name cheat day.  Cheating to me means you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing.  That’s cheating in my mind.  I’m not cheating, I’m taking a day off because I’m an adult and I choose to do so.  I’ve weighed the consequences and don’t feel one day a month is going to hurt my progress enough to make it not worth it.

Sorry if this was a little meandering.  I usually just type these out as I think them up.  In the future I’ll try to edit them a bit better.  Last order of business.  As I mentioned before I do use exogenous ketones to help get back into ketosis.  The one I use the most because I like the flavor and the feeling I have after I take it is Julian Bakery InstaKetones in the Orange flavor (with and without caffeine depending on how wiped the fast makes me feel).  I am including a link to them on Amazon.  To be above board and transparent this is an affiliate link.  If you click it and buy it I do benefit from that financially.  I want you to understand that before I place the link.  I won’t recommend or link to something I don’t use or trust.  Although I am ok with making money on these recommendations I don’t wish to do so at the cost of my integrity.  Also, different people will react differently the same product so just because it worked well for me, or tastes good to me, doesn’t mean I can guarantee it’ll be the same for you.  I’m only saying that I’ve enjoyed the product and it’s worked well for me.  So here is the link if you’re interested and I thank you in advance if you make a purchase.

In the future when I post links to items I am recommending I’ll make a brief mention that it’s an affiliate link each time because I think it’s the right thing to do and you should have all the facts when deciding.  But again I will only post links to things I have personally tried, have worked for me, and I would be willing to put my name on.

So there you have it.  Not as quick as I’d assumed but it’s my feelings on days off from keto.  If you have any questions please do comment them below and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.  Take care.

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