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I have not one, but two videos this week.  The first is my weekly update.  The second is a thank you video.  I’ll put them both below.  Great progress this week and I’m grateful to be over 500 views now.  Thank you all so much for that. Leave a like and a comment on the video to let me know how I’m doing.  Subscribe and click the notification bell if you want to be immediately notified every time I upload a video.  I hope you’re week went as well as mine and I’ll see you next week for the next check in.  Peace.


Are You Really Too Busy?   Leave a comment

Have you ever scheduled a gym session in for the day and by day’s end it just didn’t happen?  Did you ever plan on meditating to start your day but by the time you got to work you realized that instead of clearing your mind first thing it actually just slipped your mind?

We have a lot of rationalizations for these scheduling shortcomings.  You got out of work late so you didn’t have time to stop by the gym on the way home.  Or you got home and now you have other things to do so you just don’t think you’ll be able to squeeze time in for meditating.  Or there are a backlog of other obligations you need to attend to and the gym and meditation room just aren’t high enough on the list to make the cut.

You really believe that you want to do these activities, if only there was time.  But try as you might you just don’t seem to be able to find any room in your schedule to accommodate these activities.  If only there were more time in the day.

Is that really true though?  Is it absolutely impossible to work in anything more to your schedule?

Ask yourself this.  What if, instead of meditating for half an hour, you were told that you’d be put in a room with your favorite celebrity for that same amount of time?  I bet your schedule would be empty enough to fit that in.

Or if your hour of gym time, that you couldn’t possibly make today because your booked, suddenly become an hour alone with your fantasy crush.  Would you text your crush to tell them that you just can’t spare the time?  Probably not.

In reality we know that we could make the time for the activities if we were truly motivated to do so, we just aren’t.  If you allow yourself to be fooled by the excuse that you just can’t find the time then you never look hard enough to find the real reason you don’ t do these beneficial activities.

So spend a little time considering why you can’t make that time.  There are many reasons why people can’t find the time, but the only one that matters is the reason you’re not finding it.  When you get your reason take out a piece of paper and draw a line down the center.  On one side list the ways this reason is benefiting you, and on the other a list of how it’s hurting you.  Keep the list with you and when you find that you “don’t have the time” to meditate or go to the gym take out your list and read it.  I’m guessing the list of benefits won’t take much of any time to read, but the list of hurts will.

Hopefully when you’ve had a moment to see how your “reason” is affecting your life you’ll be motivated to get to the gym or clear some time to clear your mind.  Do this often enough and you’ll get into the habit of going to the gym and meditating.  And once it’s a habit you’ll easily find the time for it, no matter how busy your schedule really becomes.  Have a great day.  Peace.

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I didn’t forget this weeks weigh in I just decided I’m going to try a new format.  I usually just typed it in but that just seems so clinical and cold.  So I’m going to start doing a video talking with you about my progress for the week.  I might still do an occassional progress pics update here as well.  The nice thing about the videos is you’ll see me in motion from week to week and how much better I’m doing.  I’ll try to get them done Monday night after work since I weigh in Monday morning when I get up.  If not Monday night I should have it done on Tuesday moving forward as it’s a day off for me.  So here’s this weeks progress video.  Peace.

When Life Hands You Donuts, And You’re Keto.   Leave a comment

Today at work we were treated to a lunch of deli sandwiches, chips, cookies, and donuts.  Not exactly the healthiest fare.  And most certainly not keto.  It’s easy to look at the spread and think “well I can’t participate in this” and avoid the break room entirely.  But you can always make the best of any situation.

How could I participate in this decidedly non-keto meal?  Well there were actually a few options.  It just required my being attentive.  The first option was the deli sandwiches.  They were either turkey, chicken, or ham served on a ciabatta bun with romaine lettuce, tomato, and cheese.  The sauces were on the side so you could add them to taste.  All I had to do was remove the ciabata bun and the rest of the sandwich was keto.  Was it as filling as eating the whole sandwich?  No, but then again one of the nice things about the keto diet is not feeling hungry so I don’t eat as much anyway.  Each deli sandwich came with a pickle, which is also keto, and not everyone likes pickles.  So I was able to get a couple extra spears that way.

The donuts, which were from the beginning of the day as a “breakfast” food were also served with coffee.  The donuts were obviously a no go but black coffee is not only allowed on the keto diet, it’s actually helpful.  The water volume helps with satiety and the caffeine in the coffee helps rev up the metabolism.

So I was able to partake, I just needed to focus on the few good things I could have, and not focus on the wide spread of things I shouldn’t have.  I just picked the best options for me from all the available ones so that I could enjoy the provided meal with the crew.

And that brings up the last option I had for making the best of the situation.  Let’s assume none of the food would work for me.  Maybe the sandwiches were made with a sugary dressing.  Or it was all just cookies and donuts.  I still had a final option available and that was just grab a cup of coffee and hang out with the gang anyway.  I’ve fasted for just over two days before so certainly I can make it through one lunch hour.  And the point of the meal was to socialize while eating.  Even if I couldn’t eat I didn’t have to deny myself the opportunity to socialize.  Especially since the socializing was the best part.

And that’s how we should view all situations presented to us in life.  Don’t focus on what we’re denied.  Focus on what works or is good for us.  Like going to the store and the only parking spots are on the far end of the lot.  Don’t focus on how it sucks you’re so far from the building, focus on how you’re getting in extra steps unexpectedly which is good for your health.  When you go into the store to buy some food and your favorite brand is out of stock don’t focus on the lack.  Focus on the opportunity to try something new.  Then you get into your car and start driving home and the roads blocked due to an accident.  Don’t focus on the hold up.  Focus on how you’re getting a few extra minutes to meditate you didn’t realize you’d get.  Focus on how you get to try a different way home tonight.  Or better yet focus on how lucky you are that you go there after the accident and not during.

Regardless of the situations you find yourself in this week, make the best of them.  You always have a choice of viewing things in a positive way, or a negative one.  And being positive just feels so much better.  So give it a try.  Find your silver lining and make it a great day anyway.  Peace and happiness.

Your Invisible Council   Leave a comment

This isn’t my idea.  Far from it.  This idea was put forward in a book 33 years before I was even born.  That book was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it.

In the book’s chapter “The Sixth Sense” he described his “Invisible Council.”  This was a council inside his mind composed of the nine men he respected most and felt had qualities he wished to instill in himself.  Those men were Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Carnegie, Luther Burbank, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Paine, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Napoleon Bonaparte.

To save time, if you wish to know why he picked them I’ll just refer you back to the book.  What’s important for this discussion is how he made use of his council.  Right before going to bed he would, using his imagination, call a meeting of the council.  There he could seek the advice of these men on any issue that came to mind.  Or even guidance on what mental paths he should be following.  Also, by distinctly visualizing each member of the Invisible Council in his mind he began integrating the traits he admired of each man into his being as well.

He created these precise visualizations of each man by researching each of them in his spare time to gain as clear a mental picture of them as he could.  In fact, as he points out in the book, he did such a good job of recreating these men in his mind at one point he spooked himself into temporarily stopping the process out of concern for how “real” it was getting for him.

What could you do if you had access to your own Invisible Council?  What questions or issues in your life could you tackle with the help of the people you respect the most?  The best way to answer those questions is to form your own Invisible Council.  So how do you go about doing that?

First, you have to pick your mentors.  This can be as easy as it can be hard.  It’s easy in the fact that we all have a number of people that we admire or have a certain degree of hero-worship for.  People we’d gladly trade places with.  It becomes hard when you try narrowing it down to a handful you can start with.  Hill had 9 members originally and only as he became more proficient with the technique did he start adding dozens more.

A good starting point for picking your council is to first decide which qualities in your life you are most interested in building up or enhancing.  Say you’re trying to get into better shape.  Who do you admire most from a fitness perspective?  Maybe it’s Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Or Tom Brady.  If you’re looking to get more buff it could be a classic bodybuilder like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Frank Zane.  If being more creative is your focus you could pick Michelangelo, or Bob Ross.  Who you pick is up to you, I’d just limit your initial council to 5-10 people who embody the qualities you’re looking to develop in yourself.

Here’s a fun point to consider.  When picking his council Hill used real people he greatly admired.  The thing is, this is your imagination so you can pick anyone you want.  They can be living or dead.  Male or female.  They can even be real or fictional.  As an example when I first started my council I was looking to have a more ordered and logical mind.   For my council I picked Seneca and Marcus Aurelius who were both real.  I added Sherlock Holmes, Spock (as Leonard Nimoy from the original series), and Temperance Brennan (from the Kathy Reichs book series and TV show “Bones”), who are all fictional.

After you’ve formed your council, visualize it in action.  The idea isn’t to just think “What Would Jesus Do?” and just go with whatever thought comes to mind.  The idea is to visualize actually interacting with these people.  Close your mind and picture it as clearly in your head as you can.  Don’t worry if it’s not perfect at first or your visualization seems lacking.  It will get better as you go.

Where you visualize the meeting is up to you.  It could be a dinner together at a big table.  It could be in a special council chamber you’ve created in your mind.  It could be a secret garden you all hang out in.  Just pick what seems most natural to you.  One key point on this is that you’re the head of this council, so pick a setting where you feel you can direct the meeting.

The specifics of how you conduct the meeting are up to you as well.  Whether it’s a friendly discussion, or more of a think tank, is a matter of personal preference.  Just always keep in mind that you’re running the meeting.  I personally like to call the meeting to order and throw out the topic of the night, whatever it is, and open the table for discussion by saying “Thoughts?”

Like Hill, this works best the better you study and learn the members of your council.  The more you understand them the more real they become and the better the answers they give.  So for me that means reading the writings of Seneca and Marcus, the books of Doyle and Reichs, and watching the live action portrayals of Spock and Dr. Brennan.  Hill mentioned that he got to know his council members so well that they actually started to take on specific behaviours and mannerisms.  That’s the quality you should aim for in your visualizations.

The last step is to listen.  Don’t worry about where the information is coming from.  It isn’t as important as the information itself.  In his book Hill stated he felt the information came from the sixth sense (hence the title of the chapter).  Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.  It could be that you’re just using the council members in your mind to flesh out your thoughts in a creative way.  Nothing supernatural about it.  Wherever the information comes from, though, listen to it.  Dwell on it.  Toss it around in your head.

At the end of the meeting, though, remember it’s your council.  They are providing the information to use as you see fit.  This is all for your benefit.  Like most things, the more you do it the better you’ll get at it.  The better you get at it the better it will benefit you.  It’ll benefit you with great information, better visualization skills, and greater creativity.

So decide today what you’re wanting to improve about yourself.  Staff your council with the best minds (no more than 10 to start).  Then call your first meeting to order and let the personal growth begin.  You have many a great conversation ahead of you.  Enjoy your meeting, and have a great day.

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It’s about not being perfect, which is ok.  I know I’m not.  I proved it in this video.  At 1:30 into the video I accidentally said that 8 days of bad eating isn’t going to override 2 days of good.  Obviously, I meant it the other way around that 2 days of good eating won’t override the 8 days of bad.  Why did I leave it in there?  The overall point of the video is that it’s ok to make mistakes.  It’s the majority of how we live our lives that matter, not the momentary mistakes.  That one little misspeak doesn’t make the whole video bad in my view so I left it in.  So here’s the video.  Like and Subscribe on YouTube if you’re so inclined.  Comment here or there if you have agreements, or disagreements, and/or ways to improve my videos.  Even just topics you’d like to hear me speak on.  Enjoy the video and have a great day.

01/14/19 Weigh-In   Leave a comment

Time for the weekly weigh in.  I noticed while looking back over the past few weeks I may have missed one or two.  I’m sorry for that.  You guys have been supportive of me on my journey and I want to keep you up to date as much as possible on it.  In the future I will endeavor to do better.  On to the numbers.

This week I weighed in at 262.6 pounds.  Last week I weighed in at 267.0 pounds for a total loss of 4.4 pounds.  Wow.  That’s quite a weekly drop.  Considering the up and down weigh ins over the past few weeks I’m hoping this means my body has figured things out and I’m back on track to losing consistently again.

My muscle mass was 28.6% this week, and 28.2% last week.  In pounds that’s 75.1 this week and 75.3 last week.  So a slight drop in muscle mass.  Which is somewhat expected considering the overall weight loss.

For body fat I am 34.9% this week and was 35.7% last week.  In pounds that’s 91.6 this week and 95.3 last week.  So 3.7 pounds of fat lost.  That’s a lot for one week.

Which brings me back to a concern I’ve had over the past few weeks as the scale has gone up and down.  I’m wondering if there isn’t something wrong with the scale.  I like the scale and all but if it isn’t giving accurate measurements week to week it isn’t of much use to me.  When I first started I got this one mainly because of the fact that it could handle my weight.  Most scales topped out at 350 pounds, just under what my actual weight turned out to be.  So I looked for a scale that could go up to 400 pounds, which I was sure I was under.  I’m going to keep an eye on things but if they seem to be off over the next few weigh ins I’ll consider getting a new scale.

I’ve been on vacation this week so I was worried about closing the rings on my Apple Watch.  Happy to say that concern was unwarranted.  I have closed all three rings every day this week.  And I accomplished that by getting in 3 exercise sessions a day.  Usually two walks and an extra more strenuous one like maybe jump roping.

Food wise I’m doing well.  When I fast I don’t feel hungry.  I’ve increased my water intake which has helped a lot.  Feel much better.  I also have made sure to keep up better on my electrolytes.

Meditation wise is pretty much the usual story.  Slow but sure improvements mainly in quality.  The effect on my mood has been noticeable.  Of course that could also be due to being on vacation.

I’ve put in for a few more jobs.  I’ve moved forward with the dispatcher job but haven’t heard back yet on the others.

All in all it’s been a great week.  I have most of this week off before having to return to work.  It’s getting closer to decision making time on when my exact last day will be.  I’ve found out on the dispatch job the interview period will be close to the end of the month so I’ve considered working one more full pay period at my current job so I’m not left in a lurch.  Also that gives me a little time to talk to people here who work for companies I’ve applied for to see what’s going on with my application or how I might improve my odds of getting jobs with them.  But one way or another I’ll be moving on to greener pastures soon.

That wraps it up for this weeks update.  I hope you’re having a great day and I’ll see you next week for the next update and tomorrow for the next blog.  Peace.