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Weigh In 12/10/2018   Leave a comment

Time for the weekly weigh in.  Good news this week.  As you know I actually gained a pound last week during the weigh in, and for the monthly update no less.  This week I’m happy to report that I’ve bounced back.  Last week I weighed in at 272.2 pounds.  This week I weighed in at 269.6 pounds.  So I not only lost the pound I gained last week, I lost an additional 1.6 pounds on top of that.  Sweet.  On top of that I’ve breached 270 pounds which means I’m either at, or very near, what I used to weigh in high school.

For muscle mass I was 27.7% last week and 27.9% this week.  In terms of pounds that’s 75.4 pounds last week, and 75.2 pounds this week.  Lost a little muscle possibly, but at .2 pounds that could be a measuring error.  Not too worried about it, although I’d be happier if it were definitively climbing.

For body fat I was 36.4% last week and 36.1% this week.  In terms of pounds that’s 99.1 pounds last week and 97.3 this week.  So 1.8 pounds of fat lost.  Between that and the muscle loss that still leaves about .6 pounds of weight to account for which I would assume is water weight.

So exactly three weeks from today will be December 31st.  Last day of the year and last weigh in of the year.  If I lose another 7 pounds between then and now I’ll have lost 90 pounds on the nose for the year.  7.5 pounds a month on average.  I’d be very happy with that goal.  To have lost a full 100 pounds this year I’d have to lose 17 pounds, which I don’t see happening.

Not a lot of change in my meditation or exercise routines this week other than small incremental increases.  Same with mood and mindset.  Just a little better than last week, nothing major to report.

When it comes to finances I have to admit I’ve slipped a little.  I purchased an LED salt lamp I didn’t need, I just wanted.  I justified it by telling myself that it was for creating a better ambience in the room while I meditated.  The reality is that I don’t need to create ambience, especially since I meditate with the eyes closed most of the time.  Other then that I’ve done well with spending and getting debt paid off.

YouTube is going pretty well.  Nearly at 200 views.  Excited about that.  And I’ve begun recording an extra video on Wednesday’s to put up later in the week.  Starting with the new year I’d like to make a goal of getting at least two videos up a week.  I think that by doing so my views will go up a little quicker which brings me that much closer to being monetized, which is a big goal of the channel.  The primary being to put out videos that reach people and help people.  I’d like to spend more of my time doing that and that’s why I want to monetize.  If I could make a living off of it I could devote myself full-time to it.

The book has been revised a bit, but I should be putting in a bit more time on it.  With the end of the year three weeks away I’m working under the assumption that it won’t be out for sale by end of 2018.  But it still should be out early 2019.  We’ll see how it goes.

That wraps up this weeks update.  Let me know what you think.  The final goal I’ll mention this week is doing better about getting a post up every day here.  It may just be to get a quick thought up, but I’d like something every day.  So to that end I’ll wish you a good day and plan on seeing you tomorrow.  Later.


Weigh-In 11/19/2018   2 comments

Made a little progress with today’s weigh in.  Last week I was 273.0 pounds.  This week I weighed in at 272.0 pounds.

For muscle mass last week I was at 27.7%.  This week it went to 27.8%.  In pounds that’s 75.6 for both.  Not a gain, but not a loss.  I’m good with that.

For body fat last week I was at 36.6%.  This week it went down to 36.3%.  In pounds that’s 99.9 last week and 98.7 this week.  So while I dropped a pound of actual weight, I lost 1.2 pounds of body fat.  So I must have put on a little water weight.

Progress was made, so that’s good.  Would have liked a little better progress but I’ll take what I can get.

Strategies for getting the ball moving faster again include kicking up the cardio.  I mainly walk which keeps using extra fat, but I want to burn faster.  So I’ve gone from using just the basic step to adding the first set of risers for it.  So now it sits 2 inches higher.  And while I do more body weight exercises, I think I’ve been doing it a little too haphazardly.  Now I intend to do them more on schedule.  That way I’m both being more consistent and more accountable to myself.

In the mindset game, positivity is paying off.  I have decided to be out of my current job and into a new job by the beginning of next year, before January is over.  I’ve been keeping a positive outlook about my chances, and I’ve just gotten positive feedback.  A coworker clued me in about a job I was completely unaware of.  It doesn’t pay as high as my current salary, but it does have benefits, and I think I’d be happy doing it.  It also strikes me as a job where I might have free time during the job to work on my writing, which is also good.  So a good lead, out of the blue, on a job that’ll pay pretty well for what I’m doing, and is located where I work now so it’s a commute I’m used to.  I’m very grateful for this lead, and my application has already been submitted.

I also realized today that I’m back to having fun at work again.  At least with a few of my coworkers.  Which shows a mindset improvement of its own.  I am where I am and will be for a few more weeks so why not make the time happy?  All the work I’ve done with meditating and positive affirmations has sure made it easier to be happier in all situations.

So to wrap things up, I’m very happy with the way things are going in my life right now.  It looks like things are only going to get better.  Stress is down and fitness/overall health is improving.  And I look pretty well set up to hit the upcoming 2019 year running.  Hope things are working out well for you, too.  Have a great day.

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Tonight’s post will just be a quick update on my keto book.  I’m happy to report that the 1st draft is done.  It took a bit longer then it should have to get to here, but I did get here.

The next few steps will take a bit because some of them will require outside help.  The first one is to give the book a day or two off so I can come back in a little while and look at the book from a fresh perspective.  That will help me in my first revision.  If you revise the book right after you complete the 1st draft you remember too much of what you were trying to get at.  So when you read the text it may appear more coherent and easy to understand than it actually is.  Giving the time off allows for a more honest revision.

After I finish the revision I’ll give a copy of the book to a few of my friends for review.  The trick here is picking the right friends.  Friends who are supportive of your writing efforts are great, but they don’t always make the best editors.  They want you to succeed, which is a good thing, but that often means they won’t critique the book thoroughly enough.  So I’ll have to make sure to hand it off to friends who meet three criteria.  First, they care enough to be honest in their review, even if it’s to point out problems.  Second, they know and understand me well enough to get that I’ll only be upset if they aren’t completely honest with me, even if it’s bad.  And third, they can do all that in a timely manner.  Of course I have to be a little negotiable on the last one as I can’t exactly claim to have been exceptionally timely myself.

Once I get their feedback I incorporate their corrections, criticisms, and ideas into a final draft.  I’ll have them give that a quick once over and if it passes muster I’ll finalize the book.  Then I’ll need to design a cover for it.  After that it seems to be an easy process of putting it all together and up for sale on the Amazon Kindle store.  I say seems because the instructions are simple enough to follow, but this will be my first shot so who knows if “looks easy” and “is easy” wind up being the same thing.  Once the book is live I’ll post about it here.

Not sure what the time frame for all this is as it’s my first book, but I’m hoping all done by the end of the year.  My intention is to offer it as a Kindle Unlimited book and for $0.99 if you want to buy it outright.  I don’t see myself charging more because it’s a small book.

So that’s my update on the keto book.  Hopefully more updates to come soon, especially the going on sale update.  Hope you’re having a great day and see you soon.

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Ready Made Keto   Leave a comment

Ok, so I’m not really that great a cook.  I usually do easy stuff like Brussels sprouts with bacon on top in the oven, or really easy like salami with cream cheese.  I know how to cook eggs and can make simple keto stir fries.  Sometimes though you just want a tasty meal that doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part.  So I’m putting together a list of ready-made keto meals.

The first on the list is Sated (   Sated is a meal replacement drink that’s designed around the macros of the ketogenic diet.  It comes in two varieties, Sucralose sweetened, and naturally sweetened using Ethyritol, stevia, and monk fruit.  The sucralose variety comes in chocolate and vanilla flavor.  The naturally sweetened is available in chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  All the flavors taste good and are easy to mix.  When I ordered for the first time they had a starter kit that included a Blender Bottle with it, but that option doesn’t appear available anymore.  I’m guessing any shaker bottle that can hold 20 oz will do.  To mix you include one scoop of oil and one scoop of powder with 12 oz of water and then shake away.  If you buy using one time purchase the box will cost you $90, which may seem like a lot until you consider that it’s 30 servings of a 400 calorie keto meal.  So $3 for each meal is actually quite reasonable.  However, you can shave $18 off the price by opting for the monthly subscription.  The customer service is top-notch (I had a bottle of oil with a broken seal so a bunch leaked out, four days later I was holding a new bottle at no extra cost and I didn’t even have to ship back the old bottle) and they will soon be offering ready-made drink cartons.  On a side note if you order Vanilla it’s easy to add flavoring like cinnamon or pumpkin spice to mix it up a bit.

My second option is also a meal replacement shake.  This one is made by American Metabolix (  They offer a variety of keto friendly products but their Keto Meal keto shakes are the ones I’m talking about today.  Same as Sated, the shake’s macros are aimed at the ketogenic diet ratios.  The available flavors right now are Vanilla Cake and Chocolate.  They just demoed two new flavors for pre-order, Blueberry Cheesecake and Peanut Butter Cookie, but they are currently out of stock and I don’t know for sure they will be available again.  I’ve only tried the Vanilla Cake, although I did order the Blueberry Cheesecake.  The Vanilla Cake is good, but I do like the Sated Vanilla better.  You get 40 servings per tub of Keto Meal but the servings are only 210 calories, half of a Sated serving.  The cost per tub is $79.99, but if you subscribe monthly you get a discount (10% off).  Where Keto Meal has it over Sated is it’s easier to mix.  With Sated you have to add the oil, which is an extra step.  And if you get clumsy, a very messy step.  With Keto Meal it’s just the powder.  This makes it quicker to make, plus you can take it with you by putting a scoop of powder in a Ziploc bag.  You can’t do that with the Sated. Also, I think that the Keto Meal mixes better.

The third option is the priciest, but you’re getting actual meals out of it.  And it has the greatest variety.  It’s called KetoFridge (  This one is a meal prep service.  They offer a weekly rotating menu of keto approved foods to choose from.  The minimum order is $69, which is easy to get to quickly.  Some meals, like the keto pizzas they offer, will give you enough for two portions, but most are designed around a single serving.  They’re easy to reheat in the microwave or oven and taste oh so delicious.  I’ve not had anything yet from them I didn’t like.  My favorite dinner is the pepperoni pizza.   My overall favorite though are their blueberry scones.  The weekly selection is rather large so I won’t be able to list it all, you’ll have to go to the website to check it out yourself.  Plus, as the menu does rotate anything I mention here could be gone later.  They do also carry pre-made drinks and desserts from Leopard Spotted Hippo.  They are tasty, but not cheap.  I usually order a few items once a month as a treat for myself.  The catch is that you have to eat most of it up within a week of receiving it so only order it if you’re planning on using it the following week.  They do not offer a subscription service and they don’t usually offer a discount.  But still a good company to deal with.

That’s it for this list.  Although there are just 3 overall options listed, between the three you’re looking at a lot of meals that won’t require much of any cooking skills on your part.  If you do decide to try them please leave a comment letting me know what you think of them.  This wraps up today’s post and I hope you’re having a great day.

Weigh In 11/12/2018   Leave a comment

Did my weekly weigh in this morning.  Last week was a disappointing gain in weight.  This week was a triumphant comeback.  A week ago I weighed in at 277.2 pounds.  Today I weighed in at 273.0 pounds.  A 4.2 pound drop for the week and that places me 1.4 pounds under what I was 2 weeks ago.

For muscle mass I was at 27.2% last week, and now I’m at 27.7%.  In pounds that’s 75.4 pounds last week and 75.6 pounds this week for a gain of .2 pounds of muscle.  Not a lot, but a gain none the less.

For body fat I was at 37.3% last week, and now I’m at 36.6%.  In pounds that’s 103.4 pounds last week and 99.9 pounds this week.  I’m down 3.5 pounds of fat.  More importantly I’m now under 100 pounds of body fat.  So very excited about that.  I even had to redo the math a second time when that came up because it surprised me so much.

Exercise wise it was a great week.  I closed all three rings every day of the week.  I got in 2 workouts a day of fifteen minutes, or more, each.  I’ve been including more body weight exercises in there, which explains the slight gain in muscle.  I feel stronger and healthier each day.

Mentally, it’s been a very positive week for me.  I’ve noticed at work that I’m not letting things that would have gotten under my skin rattle me anymore.  I respond better to customers who are being difficult.  And the few times I did start to lose my cool my mind immediately jumped in to remind me I’m a happier person now and it diffused.  I’m reading more, and I think a little quicker.  As I approach the end of the year I just feel better and better.

Finance wise not much to report.  I’m doing better with my money and haven’t wasted it on silly things.  I catch myself when I want something and think about whether it’s really a necessary purchase or not.  The answer is mainly that it isn’t.  Bonus time at work is coming up soon and I plan to use the bonus to pay down credit cards.  Overall I feel a lot more positive about my finances.

And I feel a lot more positive about my life in general.  I’m less than 2 years from turning 50 and the road ahead of me looks better to me every day.  And I’m more confident about my long-term goals, like enjoying life on the road going from place to place as I get older.  Kind of a vacation that’ll last the rest of my days.

I hope things are going well for you all, like they are for me.  If not, hang in there.  With time and patience it can get better.  I know because it has for me.  Have a great day.

New YouTube Video   Leave a comment

Just a quick post to let you all know I’ve uploaded my second video blog to YouTube.  It’s about goals and goal setting.  Please give it a quick view.  The link is below.  Feel free to leave a like or a comment if you so desire.  Subscribe if you like the content and if you want to be notified each time I post ring the bell.

Specificity   Leave a comment

One of the people I know loves to watch baseball.  Myself, I’m not a big fan of the sport, but I’ll watch it with her when she has it on.  She really gets into the game, including speaking to the television, encouraging her team on to greatness.  This led to a funny exchange the other day.

She was watching her team play and she said to the screen, “Ok, we need a hit here.”  After a few pitches the player hit the ball, right into an out.  She wasn’t happy about it and wondered what had just happened.  I said, “he did what you asked.”  She looked at me with an incredulous look.  “You asked for a hit and he did hit the ball.  You never specified what kind of hit you wanted.  Details matter.”  She looked at the screen and said “Ok, I want a home run.”  Sure enough, when the next player finally connected with the ball, he knocked it out of the park for a home run.  She looked over at me with amazement and I just repeated, “details matter.”

Now, I’m not claiming that she caused the home run.  I do believe in the law of attraction, but I doubt this was a case of it working.  I think it was more just a funny coincidence.  But it’s a funny coincidence that makes a great point.  Specificity in direction is important.  Details do indeed matter in life.  This is especially true in goal setting.  The more specific you are about your goal the better the chance you’ll realize it.  There are a number of reasons why this is true.

First, it really isn’t a meaningful goal if it isn’t a specific one.  Think about it.  How accomplished will you really feel if your goal today is to exercise?  It’s a very vague goal.  Pick up a semi heavy object and put it back down and you’ve essentially reached your goal.  Move ten feet farther than you needed to today to achieve your to do list and you’d have hit the goal as well.  But will you feel any sense of accomplishment meeting those benchmarks?  Probably not.  Now set the goal “I’m going to go on a 15 minute walk.”  That’s substantially more specific then “I’ll exercise today.”  It specifies not just that you’ll exercise but also what kind and for how long.  When you go out for that walk and return 15 minutes later you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment because you met a specific goal.  How strong a sense of course will depend on how much your goal pushes you to achieve it.  If you can easily walk 15 minutes then it’ll be a small sense of accomplishment.  If you’re just starting out and live most of your life sitting down, you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Second, details make it measurable.  “I’m going to make more money” is vague.  If I walk down the street and find a penny I’ve reached my goal.  I have more money then I did before.  I can stop trying now.  “I’m going to earn enough money to buy a ticket to go visit my friends in Alaska” is specific.  That penny I just found won’t cut it.  I could find a penny every day for a year and I wouldn’t even be able to buy a snack on the plane, let alone the ticket.  So I haven’t reached the measurement yet.  I need to keep going to reach my goal.  The goal posts are in a very specific location so I know how long to keep working at it.

Finally, to create a specific goal you’ll be required to think about it.  Using the first example, when creating an exercise goal you need to consider many factors.  What kind of fitness level are you trying to achieve?  Are you more interested in muscles or endurance?  Are you looking for fast results or do you have time to achieve your goal?  By considering all these factors you’re creating goals that are more relevant to you.  The more relevant the goal is to you the more likely you’ll achieve it.

You’re also going to create more reasonable goals when you think about them.  Using the second example, if you want to go visit your friends in Alaska you also have to consider different factors.  How will you get there?  Buses will get you there but will take days.  So flying would seem more reasonable.  How will you fly there?  Private charter would be really cool, but if you’re saving for the trip in the first place, it probably isn’t very reasonable.  First class tickets might be a bridge too far as well.  So now you’ve considered your options and your goal is to buy an economy ticket on a commercial airline by saving your money where you can.  That’s a very reasonable goal.  The more reasonable your goal is, the more you’ll believe in your ability to carry it out.  When you create unreasonable goals your subconscious knows you don’t stand a chance of making it and will sabotage every effort you make toward the goal.

So as you move forward into the future setting goals on how to improve your life, make them specific, measurable, and reasonable.  Give yourself every chance to succeed and you will.  Set yourself up for failure, and you’ll easily reach that goal too.  Me, I’m partial to hitting home runs.  Have a great day.