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Your Brain the Hard Drive   Leave a comment

When your phone or computer starts running out of storage you’ll get a little message telling you so.  The device is prompting you to look at what you have on it and determine what you feel is important and what you can afford to get rid of.  And then you start deleting to make more room.

In a way, your brain works the same way.  It’s constantly determining what’s important and what isn’t.  What you want to keep, and what you can get rid of because it isn’t serving you anymore.  The big difference is how it goes about doing it.

Your phone or computer, should you ignore the initial warning, will simply send you another message soon enough.  Storage is full.  It won’t allow you to add anything else until you take the steps mentioned before to create more room.

Your brain does this automatically.  It’ll just start deleting things it feels you don’t need anymore while increasing the storage density of the things you do.

So how does your brain determine what’s important and you should keep?  Or how does it know what to delete?  It’s all summed up in the old phrase “use it or lose it.”

If you spend your day focusing on negative thoughts it assumes negative thoughts are important to you.  So it starts doubling down on saving negativity.  The areas of your brain focused on negativity will actually become more dense.  Your brain will start making connections between this negativity and that to reinforce the negative mindset for you.  And the more negative you get the less your brain feels you need positivity.  So guess what?  It’ll start spring cleaning out your positivity in favor of making room for more negativity.

The thing is that it works just as well the other way around.  If you focus on positivity your brain will assume that’s important to you.  It’ll make the areas of your brain focused on positivity more dense.  It’ll start viewing negativity as unimportant and will start deleting the negativity files on your brain’s hard drive.

The easiest way to accomplish this goal is planned input.  Start a gratitude journal so you have to focus on what’s good in your life.  When you find a positive affirmation you like write it down on a piece of paper and hang it where you frequently walk by so you’ll be constantly reminded of it.  Get a blank business card and write something motivational on it.  I carry one around in my wallet at all times.  On one side I wrote my name over the title “YouTube Influencer”  because I’m trying to grow my YouTube channel.  Every time I look at the card I’m not only reminded of that goal, it’s presented to me as if it has already occurred.  On the other side I’ve written my favorite affirmation.  “Every day in every way, I AM getting better and better.”  I look at that a lot too.

Maybe you’re more visual.  Keep pictures around your house that give you happy thoughts.  Make a point of stopping in front of them and take time to appreciate them.  Watch videos on YouTube that increase your positive vibes.

Maybe you’re more auditory focused.  Perhaps the Superman theme song gets you revved up and motivated.  Play it in your car on the way to work.  They make apps that recite positive affirmations for you.  You could play that as well, or instead.  Have an area of your life you want to improve on?  Find a podcast devoted to that area and take time each day to listen to it.

However you accomplish the goal of adding positive input into your hard drive you’ll slowly build up the positive connections in your brain.  Over time that will tell your internal hard drive management system to free up more space for it.  That means you’ll start being less negative naturally.  And a snowball effect will occur.  With less negative programming in your brain you become more positive.  When you become more positive your brain increases the positive files and density.  That in turn makes you less negative.  And again and again.

Your brain has been working this way all along, you just may not have been mindful of the data you’re inputting.  Make a choice today to only upload that which benefits you.  At the same time you’ve made the choice to release that which does not.  Over time, if you stick with the program, you’ll become the person you want to be instead of the person you happen to be.  And hopefully that’ll be a very positive person indeed.  Have a great day.  Peace.


Quick Thought   Leave a comment

Today I was driving into Athens when my car drifted a little too far toward the center of the road.  They have reflective lane dividers here in Alabama that make seeing your lane at night way easier.  They also give you an audible and physical prompt that you’ve drifted too far by thumping your tires.

The second I felt the thumping I instinctively centered my car in the lane.  I also told myself “learn to drive, stupid.”  Of course I was joking with myself.  I’m perfectly aware of how to drive.  I’ve been doing it for over three decades now.  And I know I’m not stupid.  But what’s the harm in a little self deprecating humor, right?

Well here’s the harm.  While you have a sense of humor, your brain doesn’t.  Your subconscious mind takes things quite literally.  So when you make a silly mistake and think to yourself “idiot” it’s all well and fine that YOU realize you’re just kidding, but your subconscious believes that you believe you’re an idiot.  And it stores that away for later.

Most things we do in life are the result of pre-programing that our subconscious mind acts on.  So think about that.  If you’ve been, even unintentionally, feeding into your subconscious that you’re fat, or stupid, or not worthy, it operates under the impression that those things are true.  And we wonder why we find success in life so elusive.

So a little self deprecating humor here and there isn’t going to kill you.  If you do make an oopsy feel free to yuck it up a bit.  But pay close attention to how often.  The predominate thoughts in your mind should be nurturing and uplifting.  They should be positive and optimistic.

On a side note, keep in mind that your subconscious doesn’t understand the concept of negating either.  You might think you’re being positive and reinforcing success by saying in your mind “I am not capable of failure” but what your subconscious hears is “I am capable of failure” because it drops the word “not” out.  Another example is instead of hearing “I don’t miss a chance to exercise” your subconscious drops the “don’t” and hears that you do miss chances to exercise.

So be mindful what you program your subconscious with.  I am a success.  I accomplish what I set out to do.  I learn things easily.  I am smart.  I am capable.  I am loveable.  Whatever you program into your subconscious is what your subconscious uses to run your life.  So keep the thoughts positive and happy, and have a great day.