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Ok, so I know we’re almost at the end of the third month of the year and I started Keto at the beginning of the year so we’re covering a lot of ground in this first “update.”  First things first, which would be the first day of the year.  I started the Keto lifestyle on January 1st.  I weighed in that morning before doing anything else to have a baseline from which to measure my progress. On that day I was tipping the scales at 352.6 lbs. and  had a body fat percentage of 52%.  Sadly, not the highest of either number in my 47 years on the planet.  The highest known weight for me was 380 lbs from a weigh in I did at work years ago which means the body fat percentage was most likely higher although I didn’t measure that at the time.  For the first two days of the year I decided to make my. transition to Keto quicker by fasting.  It wasn’t a total fast mind you.  I allowed myself bulletproof coffee and exogenous ketones to make the transition easier.  Still got the keto flu but I’m guessing it would have been a lot worse had I not gone that route.  And I wisely took the week off from work giving myself 9 days to transition where having a cranky disposition only got me in trouble with the family.

Now I weigh myself in once a week on Monday mornings.  I do this like I did the first weigh in.  Right after I get up and before I inject anything, including water.  This way I’m always measuring my weight under the same standards for a more reliable reading.  I’m not going to run down every week since then but I did want to say the first week I did lose a ton (11.8 lbs.) of which I’m sure a good chunk was water weight.  Since then I’ve averaged a little over 2 lbs. a week with some weeks losing close to 4 lbs. and one week only managing 1/2 lbs.  In only one week did I gain and that was during my last weigh in where I gained back the 2.6 lbs. I lost the week before.  Interesting though my body fat percentage only went back to 44.6% instead of the 44.8% it had been 2 weeks prior so some of the weight I gained had to be muscle.  The reason for the gain was I decided to experiment with a day off from Keto. I didn’t go crazy but it definitely threw me out of ketosis.  When I weigh in on Monday I’ll get a better idea of if the day off experiment was a good or bad idea.  So as of the last weigh in I’m 38 lbs. lighter then I was on January 1st.  Hoping to get back to over 40 lbs. down when I weigh in on Monday.

This catches you up on my progress from the beginning of the year.  In the future I’ll do at least weekly updates on my Keto progress and some run downs on my meal choices for the week.  Also my exercise choices.  I mention this because it’s the one area of this I could use a lot of improvement on.  And since this is a public blog and I’d rather not look like a schmuck who can’t keep his word I’m putting it down that I will be including more exercise into my weeks ahead.

Not sure who if anyone will ever read this, but if you are reading this and have a question or a comment feel free to add one.  I’ll get back as soon as I can.  I’ll state this in advance I won’t respond to negative comments that don’t add to the discussion but I won’t delete them either unless the comment is so offensive it just wouldn’t be right to keep it.  But just ordinary being a jerk comments will stand so the world can see the difference between someone who’s trying to be better every day and someone who just wants things to be worse I guess.  That’s all for this post so I’ll see you guys on Monday at the latest.


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Ok, decided to actually start using this account 😎👍🏻   Leave a comment

So I just started reading The Year of Less by Cait Flanders. I’m not even done with the introduction and I’ve already made decisions on how to be better. The first is using my WordPress that I’ve had for years but never really used to start an accountability log. So I will start posting my progress on Keto and getting my finances in shape on here. Haven’t fleshed out the exact details but for now I will start with just knowing I’ll post food and finance decisions here. So if it’s something I know I wouldn’t want to post it’ll be something I know I shouldn’t do. And now I’ll just take it from there and see where it goes. #keto #accountability.

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