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So it’s time for the monthly update and it’s a good one.  I weighed in at 298 lbs so I lost 2.2 lbs from last week and 6.8 lbs in the last month.  I think that’s a respectable number.  This brings my total weight loss to 54.6 lbs since January 1st, so just over 10 lbs a month if you average it out.  Now I realize that 6.8 lbs is under the 10 lb average but it’s better then last month at 4.6 lbs and just under the month before at 7 lbs.  So my progress is picking back up.

Body fat percentage wise I’m down to 41.4%, so .4 percentage points under last week and 1.3 percentage points for the month.  I am, however, a whopping 10.6 percentage points down from January 1st.  Pretty proud of losing double digit body fat percentage.

At the beginning of this journey I was carrying 183.4 lbs of body fat.  That’s a whole other person.  Currently I’m holding 123.4 lbs of body fat, which could be another person albeit a smaller one.  The big thing is the difference between the two is 60 lbs but the scale only shows 54.6 lbs dropped.  So 5.4 lbs was added between hydration or muscle mass, both of which are good for me.

The end of this month will mark the “halfway” point of the year.  As of this last weigh in I’ve reached 44% of my goal, or 8.8% of my goal averaged over the 5 months.  If that average holds I’ll be over the 50% mark at the halfway point of the year and that means I could actually reach my fitness goal before the years up.  I took 47 years and some change putting all this weigh on.  The thought of getting to a healthy weight in one year just blows my mind.  Doing it under a year seems almost inconceivable, but apparently possible.

Before I sign off, a little accountability. I am doing great on my exercise goals.  I’m not closing the exercise circle on my Apple Watch every day, but I am exercising every morning to start my day off right. Last week I only had one day where I didn’t reach my move goal.  And I had over 10 exercise sessions for the week.  So we’re good there.  I am, however, still struggling when it comes to logging food. I know I should but it’s tedious and I allow myself to make excuses for not doing so.  It’s a goal I’m working on but not one I’ll beat myself up about because I am making good progress overall, even if it’s not ideal progress.

That’s it for this week/month.  I’ll add the pics below for one when I was near my heaviest in 2013 (green shirt), the “beginning” pick for 2018 (The Flash), last month’s pics (red outfit), and of course this months (black outfit).  Have a great day and see you soon.


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