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Very happy with today’s weigh in.  My weight as of this morning’s weigh in is 293.6 lbs.  That’s down 3.4 lbs from last week.  My body fat percentage went from 41.1% to 40.5%.  That translates to 122.1 lbs of fat down to 118.9 lbs of fat.  That means only 3.2 lbs difference in body fat so I had to lose some muscle or water weight.  Well last week, according to the scale I had 75.74 lbs of muscle.  This week I have 75.75 lbs of muscle so it’s a small amount of .01 lbs but it is an increase.  The scale shows I went from 45.4% water to 45.8% water.  I’m not sure exactly how it figures out how much water weight I’m holding but this is the percent of my body weight attributed to water, which would include the water in my muscle mass.  Going by that my water weight last week was 134.84 lbs and this week it’s 134.47 lbs, a difference of -0.37 lbs.  Add the muscle gain with the water loss and it’s a difference of -0.36 lbs.  So I’m guessing that there’s a gain somewhere else that the scale doesn’t track or doesn’t show up in the app data.  So not happy I’m a little more dehydrated then last week but overall a big plus in the right areas.

For exercise this week I held steady.  Closed the move ring on 6 days and the exercise ring on 4 days.  So no progress, but no back tracking either.

Speaking of tracking, I did do a little better this week with nutrition tracking.  Still not back to the 100% tracking I used to do when I first started but I am moving in the right direction.  Plus I’m doing better about reading labels again as opposed to making assumptions about how keto things are based on memory.

So still room for improvement overall.  I could be closing the exercise rings every day, which would pretty well result in closing the move ring every day.  And I could do better about tracking.  Not going to kick myself too hard though because the tale of the scale was pretty good.  So see you again next week, and thank you to all the new viewers.  There was a spike in views this week and I greatly appreciate you stopping by.  Take care.


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