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As part of my Keto journey I decided to give myself one day off from Keto a month.  The reason being it makes for a bit of a pressure release for any cravings I might feel the rest of the month.  By giving myself a free day where I can enjoy things guilt free I’m easily able to put off my cravings the rest of the month.  But I wanted to share a few thoughts about cheat days.

FIrst, I think the frequency of them is important. If you try to have a cheat day every week I think you’re dooming yourself to failure.  In a seven day week if one of the days is definitely not keto you’re down to six days of keto tops, obviously.  But tops is the key here.  Once you get yourself out of ketosis you have to get yourself back into ketosis.  That’s going to run you at least a day, maybe more.  So now it’s a 5 days of ketosis max deal.  And it’s possible you’ll take a couple days to get back in so you may be down to 4 days of ketosis.  Half a week in and half a week out isn’t the way to go if you want to make progress.  And, although I’m not a doctor or researcher, I’m pretty sure that going back and forth like that between ketones and glucose isn’t good for the body.

So I chose one day a month because even if I do take a couple days to get back in I’m getting over 26 days of ketosis for the month on a short month.  And that’s if it takes me two days, which brings me to my second point.

I don’t take long to get back into ketosis because on the day after my cheat day I do a fast.  Doing a fast puts me right back into ketosis by the end of the next day.  On the outside I can use a day of fasting and exogenous ketones and I’m right back into ketosis.  So it’s a trade off based on making adult choices.  Which is why after referring to it as a cheat day most of this post I’ll let you in on this secret, I hate the name cheat day.  Cheating to me means you’re doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing.  That’s cheating in my mind.  I’m not cheating, I’m taking a day off because I’m an adult and I choose to do so.  I’ve weighed the consequences and don’t feel one day a month is going to hurt my progress enough to make it not worth it.

Sorry if this was a little meandering.  I usually just type these out as I think them up.  In the future I’ll try to edit them a bit better.  Last order of business.  As I mentioned before I do use exogenous ketones to help get back into ketosis.  The one I use the most because I like the flavor and the feeling I have after I take it is Julian Bakery InstaKetones in the Orange flavor (with and without caffeine depending on how wiped the fast makes me feel).  I am including a link to them on Amazon.  To be above board and transparent this is an affiliate link.  If you click it and buy it I do benefit from that financially.  I want you to understand that before I place the link.  I won’t recommend or link to something I don’t use or trust.  Although I am ok with making money on these recommendations I don’t wish to do so at the cost of my integrity.  Also, different people will react differently the same product so just because it worked well for me, or tastes good to me, doesn’t mean I can guarantee it’ll be the same for you.  I’m only saying that I’ve enjoyed the product and it’s worked well for me.  So here is the link if you’re interested and I thank you in advance if you make a purchase.


In the future when I post links to items I am recommending I’ll make a brief mention that it’s an affiliate link each time because I think it’s the right thing to do and you should have all the facts when deciding.  But again I will only post links to things I have personally tried, have worked for me, and I would be willing to put my name on.

So there you have it.  Not as quick as I’d assumed but it’s my feelings on days off from keto.  If you have any questions please do comment them below and I’ll respond as quickly as I can.  Take care.


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