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So we’re just a little over a week away from finding out if you were naughty or nice this year.  On December 25th you’re likely to have a plethora of food options that’ll be amazingly delicious, but decidedly not keto.  What to do, what to do?

Like most of life’s best questions the answer is, depends.  You have a few options available to you, you just need to pick the one that feels right to you.

The first, and most obvious, is make your Christmas gift to yourself a day off from keto.  This is the one I’m chosing, and I don’t feel the least bit bad about it.  I want to spend time with my family, and I want to enjoy it.  I usually give myself one day off from keto a month, and this month I’m making it Christmas.  I’ve been in ketosis the whole rest of the month, as my blood tests show, so one day off isn’t going to kill me.  It’ll slow the progress a bit but that’s a trade-off I’m willing to make.  I’ll fast like I normally do the day after and will snap right back into ketosis.  And, as is usual for my keto day off, I’ll enjoy food choices I can’t usually make, but I won’t go crazy and glut myself on them.  I’ll keep the portions reasonable and get in plenty of exercise.

Maybe you want to show a bit more discipline than me and stay keto this Christmas.  In that case you still have a few options.  You can limit yourself to the keto friendly foods being served.  You can create a new Christmas dinner tradition focused on keto options.  Or you can take the really easy route and do keto meal replacement shakes and forgo the other fixings.

If you’re having a traditional Christmas dinner (which varies from house to house) there are some keto friendly options, and stuff you just have to avoid.  Turkey is just a protein so it’s ok.  Ham can be as long as it isn’t glazed, which ups the carbs.  Deviled eggs can be keto if you use something like Primal Kitchen mayonnaise to make them.  Primal Kitchen is an avocado oil based mayo so it’s high in good fats.  Unfortunately the list of things to avoid is bigger, and includes the fun stuff.  No stuffing, pies, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, cranberry sauce, or gravy.

Thankfully, option two allows you to bend the rules a bit.  Instead of the usual way you make a lot of these recipes you can trade out items for keto friendly versions creating a new holiday tradition.  With some though you want to be moderate in your consumption.  Instead of mashed potatoes you can substitute mashed cauliflower.  Instead of high carb dinner rolls you could make fathead dough rolls.  You would just want to limit yourself to a roll or two.  Instead of pies you could make brownies or cookies.  There are companies that specialize in making keto friendly dessert replicas.  Like Good Dee’s brownies ( ) and Kawaii Treats and Eats which makes a variety of low carb desserts ( ).  There’s even keto cornbread options ( ).  For hors d’oeuvres you could make something like bacon wrapped Brussels sprouts or a simple cheese, salami, and pepperoni platter.  Lots of options.

And finally if you want to hang with the fam but don’t want to bother with cooking keto just for you there’s the keto meal replacement shake option.  American Metabolix ( ) and Sated ( ) both are excellent options.  They have great macronutrient ratios and taste delicious.  Plus they’ll keep you from feeling hungry so you won’t be tempted to partake in the non keto fare.

Whichever of those options you choose, the most important choice to make this holiday is to spend time with the ones you love.  Whether that be the family you were born in to or the family you choose.  Don’t let being on the ketogenic diet, or any diet for that matter, dissuade you from being there with them to celebrate Christmas.  Just make your game plan in advance and stick to it.  And if you’re going to partake fully with the family, like I am, enjoy the day guilt free.  Just get right back into the keto game the next day.

Whatever you do, I hope that in the week or so to come between now and then you have a great time.  And whatever you do, do it with happiness and gratitude.  See you soon.

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